A Lack of Credibility

At this point, the world seems teetering on the edge of a new Cold War, I have to wonder if the entire lesson of the Cold War  the deterrence works – has been forgotten? Senator McCain thinks he knows how best to “punish” Russia, which on the surface of things is a laughable concept. How do you “punish” a nation that your own nations policies have allowed to go crazy? Give me one – just one – example of a situation in the past decade when this country stood on the side of freedom for oppressed people with anything other than trite phrases and red lines. Just one. And Syria wasn’t it, but the by. There is no, zero, none, nada, zip, credible threat of counter action. What exactly is Russia supposed to fear? “Our missiles,” you ask? Two considerations, first, are you actually willing to start a nuclear war over Ukraine and two, these would be the missiles all over the papers because the people running them are incompetent idiots, right? We have no credible threat of action against Russia. So which course is the better – be though to be impotent or open our mouths with empty meaningless threats and prove our impotence?

Write this down in stone – whatever resolution there is of this manufactured crises, will leave Russia firmly in charge of the Crimea and a nominally independent Ukraine worshiping at the feet of the Kremlin. All while world “leaders” will claim how they “stopped” Russian aggression and reached “historic agreements” that will be no different than all the other times we tried to stop aggression with words.

Things are falling down in Ukraine and Crimea. First there was the President’s “flaccid” statement to Putin about “Don’t do that, please…” In Congress, we actually have a House Ukraine Caucus, because…. well, we just do. The Chairwimp of the Ukraine Caucus of the US Congress said that she “understands” why Russia is invading Ukraine. So… there’s that….

Look, the fact is that “Good Christian Man,” Zoslocki voted against the Wood Colony annexation because he wanted more, not less. But, at least he is willing to take another look at the vote and go the route of a full revision of the comprehensive plan. There is absolutely NO reason for the Mayor to not back this idea – except for its cost. However, the Mayor and the Council could have avoided the cost by doing the right thing the first time, they chose not to. Now they can try to buy their way out of a political entanglement using a few million tax payer dollars.

The Mayor argues that the comprehensive plan is a stalling tactic to try and replace him, but the truth is that his own tactics have him on the verge of a recall (which I believe he would win) and a difficult re-election campaign (which he has said he doesn’t think he can win). Again, if Der Mayors focus is on his own seat, he’s doing this for the wrong reasons. He could easily – as Der Mayor – drag out the Comprehensive Plan process long beyond his own re-election campaign.

At the end of the day, the only way out of this for ALL of the Council is to go for the Comprehensive Plan and the time delay it gives them.

And, after all, it’s not “their” money, so what do they care?

I’ve seen some pretty stupid reasons for DQ’s in High School sports, but this one may take the cake. How can you allow a kid to wrestle – a kid who’s been through quite a bit this week including getting shot – and AFTER he wins decide that he doesn’t have “medical clearance?”

Ever hear the phrase “unmanned aviation systems?” You might want to look up, there’s probably one over you right now…

The GOP has promised that IF they take the Senate (a pipe dream), things will be different. By which they mean like when the Democrats ran the Senate even when the GOP was “in charge” of the Senate. You know, they way it was when the Democrats ran things.

I am going to give things a go today, but I am really not feeling 100%. I have a sinus infection thing going on that hs the pressure in my head building by the minute. Hopefully it will relent soon, with the help of some medication.


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