Buying Your Way Out of a Political Entanglement

Look, the fact is that “Good Christian Man,” Zoslocki voted against the Wood Colony annexation because he wanted more, not less. But, at least he is willing to take another look at the vote and go the route of a full revision of the comprehensive plan. There is absolutely NO reason for the Mayor to not back this idea – except for its cost. However, the Mayor and the Council could have avoided the cost by doing the right thing the first time, they chose not to. Now they can try to buy their way out of a political entanglement using a few million tax payer dollars.

The Mayor argues that the comprehensive plan is a tactic to replace him, but the truth is that his own tactics have him on the verge of a recall (which I believe he would win) and a difficult re-election campaign (which he has said he doesn’t think he can win). Again, if Der Mayors focus is on his own seat, he’s doing this for the wrong reasons. He could easily – as Der Mayor – drag out the Comprehensive Plan process long beyond his own re-election campaign.

At the end of the day, the only way out of this for ALL of the Council is to go for the Comprehensive Plan and the time delay it gives them.

And, after all, it’s not “their” money, so what do they care?


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