Changing the Past to Serve the Present

The next move in the Salida/Wood Colony game has been made. It’s called “Revisionist History.” I am amazed, when we were looking at his words a week or so back, we drew parallels to “1984,” and its view of how to “control” history. At the time, it was metaphorical. Now it’s real. First Der Mayor was about “jobs” and growth, then he was about “protection.” Now he’s about changing history to meet his demands. You see, this whole Wood Colony thing is a myth in his mind. It never really ever existed the way it’s being defined today, so since it never had these borders anyway, this must be okay to go ahead and annex it. They’re going to “revisit” the whole issue in late March, but I don’t really expect anything to actually change – other than the excuses and rationalizations the Council will use to justify not doing the right thing. But it is an opportunity to fight again. Mount Up!

There is another question here, who came up with this argument? You don’t expect me to believe that the Mayor was sitting at home having tea with Mrs. Mayor when all of sudden it hit him that Wood Colony was claiming more land than they originally had, do you?

In Sacramento, the Republicans have begun a push to expel Convicted Felon Still in the Senate Rod Wright, who took a leave of absence this week to avoid having to vote on the expulsion of Indicted Senator Ron Calderon. If you have  few free moments and you want to have some idea of how deep this whole thing might end up going, check out this piece detailing one of the “side” bits of corruption that the Calderon’s are involved with, including other high ranking politicians in Sacramento who will have some explaining to do if they hope to get out of this unscathed themselves.

Anybody who actually believes that there will be any tax “reform” is smoking an illegal substance. Also, after what healthcare “reform” did, why would we even want tax “reform?”

The Russian Military has decided (been ordered to?) conduct maneuvers near Crimea, which is right next to Ukraine. In other words, Putin is saber rattling, the kind of thing that used to go on in the Cold War when a vassal state was being recalcitrant and not following orders.

What if Jerry and Kamala are in cahoots to intentionally get rid of the High Speed Rail but look like it’s everybody else’s fault that it failed?

Californians, especially those standing in the rain, aren’t really thrilled about the plastic bag ban. There’s another angle of this ban that intrigues me. Consider: we re told that the “problem” with the bags is that they are not recycled and end up in the ocean after a single use. The implication is that “some people” aren’t being environmentally sensitive. Fine. But who exactly are “those people?” Given the ubiquitousness of the bags, isn’t it logical to presume that at least half of the people who weren’t recycling the bags vote Democrat?

Yesterday an ex-Stockton City Councilman said that he had video of a clash between Stockton PD and  man who was subsequently killed in that clash. He declined to release the tape, however. which begs the question, why clam that he had it in the first place. The easy way out is to – as he has done – say his lawyer told him not to release it, but that flies in the face of how these things have been done for so long that it makes no sense. I m forced to call “B.S” on him. If he wants to prove me wrong, release the tape. I’m man enough to admit it – if he actually has it. But I think he doesn’t and he’s just playing for publicity.

The scientific fact is that for thousands of years, California has suffered droughts far worse than this, and survived. The problem is that none of those droughts, some of which lasted more than 100 years, were caused by not having a State Law called AB32. Nice to see that the LA Times, reporting on scientific facts, might have upset the scientific “consensus” about what’s going on.


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