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Candidate for Sheriff in San Joaquin County, Pat Withrow, joins us today at 3pm.*

So it turned out that not only was there no surprise or Salida, there wasn’t even a birthday cake. Okay, so the General plan will come before the Council again on March 25th, but at this point can we all agree that the Councilman in question who contacted a Salida MAC member to promise the impending surprise was pretty much (as always) full of crap? You can try to excuse away every action, but the simple fact remains – you didn’t do the right thing. And until you fix it, everything you do and say will be judged by the fact that you continue to lie and excuse instead of act.

What’s the best argument for letting somebody off of a DUI? Simple! Be a Kennedy! Seriously, Kerry Kennedy is the daughter of Robert and Ethel Kennedy. She was in an accident while driving on Ambien which she clams to have mistakenly taken instead of thyroid medication. But, you see, she is a great humanitarian, and you are not, so… putting her in jail or holding her accountable in any way would be “bad.” I don’t really see how this argument is any different than “affluenza” argument a few weeks ago, and I am not sitting on the jury for this case, but I am willing to bet that she never goes to jail and her fine will far less than what you or I would pay for the same crime. Justice System or Legal System?

The case decided yesterday by the Supreme Court has a lot of people uptight over the 4th amendment. In short, a man was being chased by police in connection with a street crime, followed the man to an apartment, knocked on the door and asked to enter. So far, so good. The woman who answered the door however, told the Police that they could enter. (You can read more details on the issues here and the actual ruling here). The suspect loudly objet and said that they could not do so. The Court ruled 6-3, that the Police had in fact valid permission to enter. Now in the short, this is not “granting the police expanded power to search.” But it does raise some additional questions. What happens if the occupant who grants permission to enter is not an actual resident of the domicile? It appears that the ruling is limited to occupants, but how will the Police verify that prior to entry?

I had no idea that illegal car shows were even a thing, but it seems like they are in Turlock where a multiagency team is cracking down on them.

Want to desalinate sea water for your own use at home? Here’s a page from the USGS that will show you how to do it! On a macro scale, desalinization is fine, but hardly the “solution” to our drought problem. First off, it requires a massive amount of heat. even if you use the sun, which can be done, now you require a great deal of space and infrastructure in order to produce sufficient quantities of which to make any practical use. Additionally, where do you store the water you make? How do you distribute it without expanding electrical grids? Is it possible? Of course it is, the Romans did it two thousand years ago. Navy ships have done it since the advent of steam. But understand that there is cost involved – money which we simply do not have or that is tied up in high speed railroads or pension debts. Change the priorities and who knows? Otherwise, the simple and most cost efficient method of gaining more water is building dams.

 *The appearance as a guest on The Dave Bowman Show by any political candidate or ballot issue representative is NOT and does not imply an endorsement by Dave Bowman of that candidate or issue.



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