Waiting for the Closed Session Report

As you know, Veterans issues are important to me, and consequently to my show. Equally important is the well being of the Active Duty Solider, Sailor, Airman, Marine and Coast Guardsman. We can debate whether we need less equipment, bases or personnel, but we cannot debate how we treat them. They have chosen a life of service and sacrifice for our benefit.

For those of you who are Veterans and Active Duty, or who are the family members of Veterans and Active Duty who have passed away, we are working already on our Memorial Day and Veterans Day show. What we are looking for is Veterans/Active Duty with stories to tell, and we are also looking to find award letters and citations for local Central Valley Veterans. If you are interested, please send an eMail to Producer Kevin (by clicking here) and let him know how to contact you for more information.

So we sit here and wait for the springing of the “big surprise” that Salida was promised (threatened with?) last week. We still don’t know exactly what it will be, the prevailing conventional wisdom would be that the Council will relent on annexing Salida but try and keep the areas claimed by Salida, as threatened by Der Mayor in his now famous Op-Ed piece. In any case, my questions still haven’t been answered. How does a sitting City Council Member contact a Sitting Member of the Salida MAC (Municipal Advisory Committee) and inform them that a “big surprise” is coming, without breaking the law?

By the by, I note that the Modesto City Council has a second Closed Door Session AFTER the meting adjourns to talk about “potential litigation pursuant to subdivision (d)(2) of Section 54956.9 of the Government Code.” In case you don’t know or don’t want to look it up, that’s the Brown Act.

Serious question here, does Modesto even have the water to be adding Salida and Wood Colony in the first place? Sacramento is starting to wonder if it has enough to continue to grow.

As you may already know, the STANCOG proposal for yet another go at the road tax is upon us. Although there is controversy this time, thanks to Der Mayor and his incredibly bad public relations nightmare called “I Don’t Care What You Think, I’m Annexing Salida and Wood Colony,” it seems like there is a lack of trust for the local level of government. In fact, Der Mayor said the other day that he wants to see yet another telephone poll to gauge support for the tax before he “jumps off the cliff.” Turlock’s City Council will take up the matter tonight. Cere’s meanwhile says that they “might” support it IF it benefits the Mitchell Road Hwy 99 Interchange is included. Let the games begin!

The attempt to repeal AB 1255, the so-called “Transgender Bathroom Bill” has failed, according to Secretary of state Debra Bowen. Forget how you feel about the bathrooms, how do feel about somebody’s teenage son playing on your daughters school softball team?

While Rome burns, the State Senate fiddles, debating what they should do about Senator Calderon (but not Convicted Felon sitting in the Senate Wright?). Neither Calderon nor Wright has the personal moral courage to do the right thing and quit, guaranteeing us plenty of circuses in the coliseum as one of the two is fed to the lions and the other gets a “thumbs up” from Senator Steinberg.

IF, as Attorney General Holder suggests, State Attorneys General are “not obligated” to defend laws that they “think” are discriminatory, what happens when that principle is extended to laws that he “thinks” are good but the State AG thinks are discriminatory?

You want to know how to handle the burgeoning pension crises? Easy… ignore it! Maybe it will just solve itself!


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  1. I wish to point out that the referendum on AB1255 has not “failed.” That is merely what the proponents wish everyone to believe (along with the SecState who is obviously against the referendum). The results of the count and which votes have been disqualified are only now revealed for the first time. Every vote can be (and most will be) challenged in court. The courts frequently tend to side with the voter over the government bureaucrat unless it’s an obvious disqual (like moved and didn’t update address with registrars). For more info, go here: http://privacyforallstudents.com/


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