Corrupt Senators

In case you missed it on Friday, Senate President Darrel Steinberg demanded that Senator Ron Calderon resign, after he was charged with accepting some $88,000 in bribes to promote legislation that favored giving tax breaks to movie makers, who are forced – in California – to use Union labor to make the films. The idea of currying favor with the Unions by encouraging film making in California has it appeal to a certain segment of the Legislature – as demonstrated by the fact that AFTER Al Jazerra leaked the FBI affidavit containing the allegation against Senator Calderon, other Democrats have picked up the idea and carried it forward. The problem is that former US Senator Chris Dodd is heading up the MPAA’s effort to move filming overseas, specifically to China in an attempt to “reach” Chinese audiences. So the State of California and its Unions are pitted against the MPAA and it’s desire to reach a potentially huge audience. So Calderon’s idea – to pander to California Union money – appeals to some Democrats. But Steinberg has demanded that Calderon resign or he will have him thrown out, v an expulsion vote. On which I am compelled to wonder exactly how Convicted Felon still in the Senate because “his conviction isn’t final until after an appeal has been heard and ruled upon” Rod Wright will vote? My guess is which ever way Steinberg tells him to vote.

What kind of person do you have to be to have a fake seeing eye guide dog?

For some reason it strikes me as funny that New York is now towing illegally parked vehicles that belong to the FBI.

Speaking of Senatorial corruption, Cami and I went and caught the film “Pompeii” over the weekend. The film itself is something of a blasé rehash of the same old “Rich Powerful Young Girl from Important Family quasi-engaged to powerful Roman Senator falls in love with Gladiator Slave Whose Family Was Killed By Said Senator Seventeen Years Earlier” trope, but the effects were quite impressive and the story moves along VERY quickly. Keifer Sutherland channels Humphrey Bogart as the Senator, and the ending of the film – by which I mean the final resolution – is quite absurd, but otherwise it was a good 98 minutes of popcorn munching. The takeaway though was Cami’s question to me after the film about how the Pompeii people could even enjoy the arena games, she did not believe that she would have been able to g to them, let alone enjoy them. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced of a basic principle of human society. But before I unload it, I am curious what you think: (A) Would you be able to attend the Arena Games? (B) Can you imagine yourself enjoying the games? (C) When a giant volcano begins to rumble would you wait to see what happens or get the heck outta Dodge?


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