The Questions Become More Complex

400th Post today on The Daily Dave!

More questions continue to rise in the whole Wood Colony/Salida takeover by Modesto. We cannot forget that Dr Mayor was 100% in favor of seizing Salida. He is on record (you can look it up!) as being for it, pushing for it and wanting it. The Wood Colony debacle is related and tied together, but Der Mayor has long been an enemy of Salida. As a part of this whole process though, stuff is oozing to the surface that might make a reasonable person ask why he is so for the invasion of Salida. For example, Der Mayor has attacked “Good Christian Man” Bill Zoslocki for his Village 1 involvement. But is Der Mayor “pure” (his words, not mine) in the Village 1 fiasco? Records are being reviewed and inspected, but at the end of the day, how do we really judge a man – by what he says or what he does? And if a man says that he wants to protect Ag land but does the opposite time and again, why would anybody believe him?

Neal Ka$hkari, the man who “oversaw” the TARP money and is now running for Governor of California, wants to assure you that he is NOT running on the 2nd Amendment. “If you’re a single issue voter, and you just want someone to give you a full capacity assault rifle magazine, God bless you, you can go vote for somebody else, I’m not your guy.”

The State Legislature, much of which recently got into hot water over their attendance at “Fund Raisers” thrown by disgraced former 49er’s lobbyist Kevin Sloat, are have passed a bill to clarify and fix the situation. Wait, I’m sorry, they should have just followed that law and they would have been fine. Instead, they are “reforming” the system for non-profits to make political donations. If you don’t really understand why that matters, or why they are even bothering with it, you haven’t been paying attention.

The 2nd Amendment makes it’s way back to the US Supreme Court this week, as the Court will decide whether or not to accept three more cases dealing with the right to keep and bear arms.

By now you’ve heard from the Big Three about the proposed FCC Rule – which by the by is NOT the “Farness Doctrine” – about putting “News Monitors” in studios. The immediate assumption is that this is an attempt to enforce government control over the news media, but I’m not so sure that it’s been thought through.

First off, there’s that whole 1st Amendment thing, and Congress – which according to the GOP wont be half Democrat forever – is likely to object to the abridgment of the freedom of the press. Certainly the Court, as comprised today, would have an issue with the Government telling the news which stories to cover.

There is another issue with it all though, and that s the questionnaire which contains the question, presumably for news people about whether or not we have even been told to not cover a story? Well… it’s the news. Of course we have been told that. That’s what editors, producers and Ops Managers do. In the Newspaper world, Editors have to decide where to put resources. In Talk Radio – which I would also point out is not “news” – we have meetings twice a day to talk about what we should talk about. And no matter what Rush says, the simple fact is that we make every effort to be entertaining and talk about the what the world, community, city, friends are talking about. Even if I am passionately in favor of a particular subject or story, it simply might not be what entertains, educates and enlightens you.

By way of example, Constitution Thursday, Fun with News and Top 5 were all killed by that process in which a consultant told our Management that “listeners hate that.” They may or may not have been wrong, but the point is I was told not to do something – a story, as it were – by my management. So how do I answer the governments question? And when they find out that the stories I wanted to do don’t fit their agenda, do you think that the Government monitors will be 100% behind me doing them?

This whole thing has the potential to backfire on them in ways that they aren’t even thinking about right now. Unless, they mean to put armed control in the news studios, which is always a possibility, but really at that point we’re beyond the concept as presented. One last thing about news people – they HATE being told what to say. The fastest way to get them to say something, is to tell them that they can’t.

Speaker John Boehner says that he’d “rather kill himself” than raise the minimum wage. See what I am talking about? Whether you want to admit it or not, even as you are staunchly against raising it, your first thought was, “Maybe we should raise it.”

What do President Obama and Candidate for Governor Tim Donnelly have in common? If you said “nothing,” you’re WRONG, sexy!

Chipotle Restaurants, which have been noted in the past for their heavy support of illegal immigration, has a new “comedy” series about to launch, in which they bite the hand that feeds them. The attack on farmers went too far and a fundraiser tied to the launch of the “comedy” series was cancelled by the Center for Land-based Learning.


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