Simple Questions

I asked a simple question yesterday, how does a sitting City Council Member contact a sitting member of the Salida MAC and tell them that a “big surprise” – in the context of the annexation of Salida – is coming, without violating the Brown Act? When was the meeting at which this “big surprise” was decided upon? When was the public vote? Who went to the meeting? Who was invited to the meeting? Where are the minutes of that meeting? What is the subject matter of the “Closed” meeting that is apparently planned for Tuesday next? If those questions can be answered in a context which doesn’t violate the law, I’d love to hear it.

The other possibility – and one has to allow for this –  is that the City Councilman in question, is simply full of himself and wanted to sound more impressive than he really is.

Either way, is this what Modesto needs to represent the City?

Der Mayor, by the by, has made a lot of hay lately by pointing out the money interest behind those who don’t vote with him on the Council, specifically, the “Good Christian Man,” Bill Zoslocki, who did get a good deal of funding from land development interests. But Der Mayor pointedly ignores his own money interests. Now, don’t misunderstand me here, the Wood Colony-Salida fight is important because it represents the people of this community standing up against an unresponsive and unrepentant government. But in the long run, the even greater threat to ALL of our liberty and to our property – in the form of our earnings – is the unsustainable, unjustifiable pension system. By 2020 – just six years from now, or if you prefer, just a short time after Der Mayor would be termed out, expenses for pensions will be 35% of the expenditures, and of that 70% will go to public sector unions, who overwhelmingly supported AND funded Der Mayor. He can claim to be “protecting” wood Colony, but what are he and his faction in the Chancellery doing for you, Modesto? Is the REAL reason that Der Mayor so desperately wants Salidavakia and Wood Colony to be a prop up for the tax base he’ll need to pay for his political debts? How is that any different from what he accuses “Good Christian Man” Bill Zoslocki of doing? 

The City Council is also grappling with the Seneca Foods wastewater issue. whatever is decided, needs to be decided in an open manner with clearly stated reasoning’s and rationale. While the City’s position seems to be that the City “does not need” to collect the fine, it is also true that Seneca knew that they had exceeded the limit for two years. What’s the message the next time another company finds itself in  similar position? Is there not a compromise position, perhaps a lower penalty and a hearty, “Well Done” or fixing the problem permanently? After all, $8Million would fill a lot of potholes or – more likely – help with a few pension fund payments, right?

The Governor, President Pro Tem and Assembly Leader announced yesterday a $680 Million Drought Relief package, which will include some $21 Million for housing. The State is now planning to spend some 15% of it’s “Budget Surplus” on drought relief. That “surplus” – which isn’t real – isn’t going to last long. Stand by for demands for higher taxes to “deal with” the drought.

And just in case you’re making plans for Sunday, the world is supposed to end on Saturday according to Norse prophecy.


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