Balancing Budgets and Goats

Query: If a sitting City Council member contacts a sitting MAC member and tells them that there is “a big surprise” coming for Salidavakia, doesn’t that more or less imply that meetings are being held and discussions are happening without the Public’s knowledge and/or input? Just asking…

Even as the Ukrainian athletes compete in Sochi, Kiev is falling apart. Those who want closer ties to the western democracies and by implication – freedom – are being mowed down by those who want closer ties to Putin’s reborn Soviet Empire. Between this and the defeat of the Russian Hockey team by Finland, Putin is not having a good day.

There is a great deal of crowing about how low the GOP has fallen in membership here in the Golden State, but like Der Mayor pointing out Zoslocki’s Chamber money and forgetting to point to his own Union money, there is another side to the story – so are the Democrats.

Tonight STANCOG will contemplate whether or not to place upon the ballot yet another “Trust Us” tax, this time for road and transit purposes.

Quote of the Day – “An oversight committee can’t oversee if it is not provided with information from the project staff.” Yeah, like they want you poking around in their business, right?

California’s Single Party system of rule has led to the idea that the “minimum wage” in the State should be as much as $15/hour. Taco Bell – the only restaurant to survive the restaurant wars – has a plan for dealing with the need to stay in business. The use of technology to replace minimum wage workers will put even more Americans out of work.

Remember all the millionaire Hollywood elites who were for Prop 30, a regressive tax on the Middle and lower classes? At the same time, Senator Ron -Not Yet Convicted unlike Rod Wright- Calderon was taking bribes to propose legislation to give tax breaks to the Film industry, but unbeknownst to him was actually a sting operation, but now that the unpleasantness is over and he has been caught, those same millionaire Hollywood elites are thinking that the idea of a tax break for themselves wasn’t such a bad idea after all…

This video has absolutely no news or discussion value whatsoever. But it is pretty fascinating…


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