Whoops. Our Bad. Signed – The Chamber of Commerce

It is becoming clear that the Modesto City Council is coming apart at the seams over the Wood Colony debacle. Between the Mayors Saturday claim that this whole thing is his stand against the Chamber of Commerce to Jenny Kenoyer’s fist shake and even John Gunderson’s wild Facebook ramblings, it’s pretty obvious that things are not going as planned. It’s actually a simple case of not doing the right thing for the right reasons the first time.

Had they simply done what the people asked them to do, they wouldn’t be sweating the recall or trying to create the most absurd position statements that try to cover up and blame others instead of their own actions.

This is the course they have chosen, and for some of them, it will not end well.

Meanwhile, the Chamber trots out their designated spokesperson to explain to us – even though Der Mayor said exactly the opposite – that THE reason we have no jobs is that we have “no shovel ready land” to build businesses upon. The piece claims that we must move forward, but admits that they “forgot” or “neglected” to even consider that the good people of Salida and wood Colony might not want their benevolent oversight.

There’s been a good deal of brouhaha this week already over the GOP’s admission that it seeks to crush the Tea Party. Frankly it’s old news, but over the weekend the course for the GOP was set when Karl Rove explained that we should NOT bring up Benghazi as an issue against Hillary Rodham (Clinton).

On Friday, State Senator Ricardo Lara unveiled his new law to give Undocumented Illegal Immigrants subsidized Healthcare under the precepts of Obamacare and Covered California y setting up a Government operated exchange to deliver health insurance to them.

Over the weekend repeated news stories informed me that US Military intervention in Syria is “now necessary.” Last summer we went through the whole “Assad has WMD’s and we have to act” play, only to reach an agreement to eliminate – and we have been told that they have been eliminated – his weapons. So what’s the “necessity” now? We will be told that it is “humanitarian,” but again, there are much more devastating and longer lasting conflicts that we haven’t found the need to get involved in around the globe. So I am forced to ask, why Syria? Could t be who are “Allies” are in this fight? Since the average Joe American has no clue that this fight is about the AQ taking over Syria, why are we surprised that there is virtually no discussion of why it’s a BAD idea to send in the troops?

Lots on tap this week as the XXII Winter Games wrap up. The Women take on the Canadians on Thursday for the Gold in hockey, while the Men’s team, generally looking like the best team in the tourney right now has a bye into the next round. The Ice Dancing over the weekend was great, and Ben was ToTaLly into the skeleton sledding. I really do enjoy the Winter games, I watched the downhill’s and Super G and even the Biathlon finals. I always miss it when it’s over…

Lastly, yes, I know that wasn’t Woodrow Wilson declaring war on Germany yesterday. I had the clips in order, but I guess when I labeled them I didn’t notice that I had Neville Chamberlin labeled as Wilson. My bad. Trust me, Wilson did ask Congress to declare war on Germany and they did do it.



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