Washington’s Birthday – Otherwise Known as “President’s Day”

Monday is Washington’s Birthday. An official (and Federal) Holiday in the United States, it is usually referred to as “President’s Day” in an odd attempt to equate all the men, good and bad, who sat in the Executive Office, with the greatest and first of them, George Washington, by closing the banks, not delivering the mail and selling cars.

Anyway, the point is that it’s a Holiday for Clear Channel as well, so neither myself nor Producer Kevin will be in today.

However, through the magic of technology, we have prepared a BRAND NEW SHOW for you, specifically for President’s Day! Obviously we will not be answering phones, but you CAN leave us a voice mail or a text at (209) 565-DAVE. You can also comment on our Facebook Page.

Tell us who was your favorite President and why? Who did like least? Who do you think was the worst of all time and why? I have my likes and dislikes, and I believe that history is the ultimate Judge of a man, but let’s hear from you too.

Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the President’s Day Special Episode of The Dave Bowman Show!

Hour 1 – Presidents Great and Not-so-Great

Eisenhower’s farewell address warns the nation to beware of budget deficits, massive spending and the Military-Industrial Complex; John Kennedy challenges the people to “Ask not what your country can do for you,” and Richard Nixon explains that even though it was wrong to take the money, he’s keeping the dog.

Hour 2 – A Long Time Ago

Calvin Coolidge greets Lindberg; Teddy Roosevelt explains why being a “progressive boy” is good,  while Taft does an ad for the GOP that could run today. Inaugurations, Commanders in Chief’s carry a heavy burden.

Hour 3 – A Product of Their Times

Wilson speaks to the Native-American; LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Nixon sort of explains the release of the Watergate tapes. FDR calls for war on December 8, 1941; James K. Polk and the Nixon-Kennedy Debate

So Who Was the Best ever?



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