The Councilman Zoslocki Interview

So here at the monogamous compound we are having severe interwebs connectivity issues with our provider, who shall remain nameless but it rhymes with “Verizon.” So for now, all I can give you is the first hour of today’s show.

I will apologize to Marjorie Blom. She apparently thought that I was rude to her in that I would not allow her to take the floor and explain all of what LAFCo does, so if I appeared or came off as rude, I apologize.

In my defense, I believe that the issue isn’t about what a QUANGO does or does not do, but why the City Council voted the way it did and continues to believe that it did the right thing. To that end, the focus was on and needed to be on the Councilman, not an un-elected and legally unaccountable bureaucrat.

Here then is the Councilman Bill Zoslocki interview 


Here is Hour 2 on the 9th Circuit Court Ruling on the “Good Cause” Statute


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