Flowers and Wreaths Thrown for Joy

Insofar as Der Mayor’s Op-ed is concerned, if it is so blindingly obvious that he and the Politburo have done such an amazing, historical, unprecedented, never before done thing, why wasn’t it blindingly obvious on January 28th? Why did it take nearly two weeks to come up with this propagandist drivel to tell us that it was blindingly obvious, amazing, historical, unprecedented, never before done thing for which we should be eternally grateful and properly worshipful, rather than “whispering” about recalls?

Der Mayor’s Op-ed is nothing short of a self aggrandizement and pure propaganda. Nowhere in his piece does he ever explain HOW this miracle is to be done. Nowhere in the piece does he address that simple, unarguable and unalterable FACT that virtually every citizen in Modesto, Salida and Wood Colony has said “Don’t do this.”

He and his faction members do not care.

And now they expect us to cheer them and throw flowers and wreaths to them for “protecting” us from ourselves.

The GOP has “abandoned” their plan to link the Debt Ceiling to cuts in military pensions. Yippee. It is imperative that we not forget that the cuts were out in place by the Ryan-Murray plan, of which Boehner yelled at us that if we did not support, we were in favor of deficits. In other words, either we believe that Ryan and Boehner are lying or they are complete idiots. I know that the latter is tempting, but really, apply Occam and you will see very simply that they did this, they got caught, and instead of manning up and taking responsibility, they tried to shift blame, tried to negotiate their way out of their own mistake and then tried to blame us for not supporting them. The Veterans Pension cuts are 100% the fault of the GOP. And instead of owing it and apologizing for it, they pussyfoot about.

Modesto Irrigation District is talking about “slashing” water for farms and raising rates. This drought is going to get far worse, folks.

I come from a very musical family. This is my Cousins son’s band. Check ’em out. 


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