Unofficially Official

The Mayor’s Op-Ed

As I follow this, the original eMail which became the Sunday Oped was written by Der Mayor, and sent to the Modesto Bee. Councilmember John Gunderson posted it on his Facebook page before it was printed (or as far we know, even received) by the Modesto Bee. That Facebook page, by the by, is titled “” implying that it is an official page of the District 1 Councilman.

So what we have – so far – is an eMail signed by the Mayor outlining the official position of the City Council posted on an official website.

That eMail, was signed by the Mayor using his private business eMail address. Since we do not have the original eMail, we have to ask why he – the Mayor – would use his private eMail address to send out such a missive. Particularly when he goes out of way to invite eMails to his City eMail address?

This raises some more questions in my mind. First off, Why is Mr. Gunderson using a Facebook page to disseminate what appears to be an official City Council response? How many City Council members received this eMail from the Mayor prior to it being sent to or published by the Modesto Bee? The Mayor speaks of “the Council” in the eMail. Was this position discussed at an open meeting? Was this eMail voted upon or in any way approved by all or at least some Council Members prior to its dissemination by Councilman Gunderson?

Aside form these questions, we are left with this simple fact – the Mayor, and those who voted with him, refuse to accept or even acknowledge that the people of Modesto, along with those of Salida and Wood Colony, have made it crystal clear that they did not and do not want the City to pursue this action and/or incur the costs of pursuing the annexation. Particularly in light of the budget cuts the Council claims are “necessary” due to the voters refusal to hand over $26 Million in free Measure X money.

Instead of accepting that, the Mayor and his minions use an eMailed Op-Ed to defend their actions as benevolent and protective. That’s right, the Mayors’ position – and presumably that of the Council since the eMail was posted on what appears to be a quasi-official Facebook page, is that is ignoring the will of the people, they are being the ever protective overlords who know what is best, even if the petulant children object. After all, they love us and want to do what is best (in their view) for us.1779912_10202679227198309_1749860321_n

Proof beyond a doubt that Councilman Gunderson has never listened to a day of this show, is that he thinks that I am “shocked” that he won’t come on and explain to you his vote.

“Shocked” isn’t quite the correct word, is it?

Water, Water Everywhere…

I am not convinced that this chart from necessarily proves or disproves anything. Given the population densities and the fact that these are just averages,

Bad Rules! Bad, Bad Rules!

Politicians continue to show themselves as unable to control their base urges, especially where money is involved. On Friday, The FPPC issued letters or warning to several prominent staff officials who had attended “fundraisers” that broke – or raelly bent the hell out of – the rules. In traditional politician fashion, the politicians immediately blamed the rules for being bent if not broken, without ever acknowledging that they themselves wrote the rules in the first place.

Just Stuff

Caught the film “Monuments Men” on Sunday. I give it 4 Stars out of 5. I’ll tell you this week why I didn’t give it a 5. It’s  fantastic story, well told and well acted. Two things really stood out to me, the characters who weren’t “the stars” really stole the show. John Goodman, Bill Murray and especially Bob Balaban (You’ll know him when you see him) were all great, and pull you into their stories. The second thing that was amazing was the sets and the staging. At the end of the film, they will show you actual pictures of some of the events, and even my wife commented that the pictures were almost exact matches of the sets. The film is really good, with multiple “Lump in your throat” if not outright “Guy’s Are Gonna Tear Up” moments, plenty of humor, action and cars. 


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