Butt Hurt City Councilman Refuses to Talk to You

As I mentioned yesterday, Producer Kevin has been in contact with a couple of Modesto City Council members, offering them a chance to air their positions or at least discuss what is going on. One has accepted the offer, Bill Zoslocki and will join us next week. One has rejected it with the trite phrase that I had “disparaged” him.

I suppose that if you go by the Merriam Webster dictionary definition I would say that I didn’t, although I am starting to believe it to be so. Any politician who is more worried about his own feelings and being butt hurt  after being called out for his foolishness, should be regarded as worth little. He clearly is putting his own feelings above the job that he wanted, and that means he disparages those who voted for him, those who voted against him, and those who have an interest in his actions on the Council.

If you’re going to go into politics, and seek power over others – and the Wood Colony debate demonstrates clearly that this is all about power – and then run and hide when you are talked about, then there is only one word to describe you. And if you are going to act like like that, it is not “disparaging” for me to say so. It’s your own actions by which I and others are judging.

This is the arena of ideas, you chose to take a position. I offered you the opportunity to tell the people of Modesto why you took that position. No guest has ever left my studio in a body bag, even those with whom I vehemently disagree. So that’s no excuse.

No, Councilman, the only “disparagment” going on here is from you towards the people of Modesto, who deserve to hear from you as to why you voted as you did. People will disagree with you and question you. That’s not “disparagment,” it is representative democracy. Deal with it.

“Mr Bowman has already disparaged me, not interested”

Since, for the moment, the good Councilman has declined to explain his position, we’ll have two special guests in studio today who may be be to shed some light on what has happened so far and where things go in the future.

You knew that it was only a matter of time before somebody realized that all this healthcare going on was really a problem for Government, which in true Government fashion, quickly made it the taxpayers problem. Governor Brown has now publically stated that at least part of the Pension problem is that retirees are just living too darn long.

Last year the Legislature (okay, the 2/3rd’s majority party) raised the States minimum wage to $10/hour. This year they are shooting for $13/hour.

The House passed their California Water Bill yesterday, but let’s be clear, this bill has no chance of passing in the Senate. Bondo Feinstein is against it, and she is powerful enough to stop it and replace it with her own bill, which will not be anywhere close to what the House passed.

One of the basic ideas of the Constitution was to actually encourage people to move from State to State. A mere 228 years later, Texas is telling Charles Schwab, go ahead and move your jobs here, but leave the San Franciscans there.

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Neel Cashkari has raised almost a million dollars in two weeks. Tim Donnelly is asking for prayers.


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  1. I missed the show on the 6th. Will it be up to listen to soon?


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