The First Rule of Fight Club for Flies Is…

Sorry, rather short notes today. Ben had a really bad night, the scratching is back and while not what it was this time last year, it does occasionally cause a rough night.

Veterans deserve better. Period. The fiasco that the French Camp VA has become is sad.

What are he odds that the family in the story in today’s Bee weren’t being “unethical” and had some form of stolen power themselves? It just seems unlikely that MID, whatever you may think of them (and who doesn’t?), is going around ripping out power meters of paying customers.

After a recent Pit Bull attack in Modesto, let the Letters to th Editor begin to flow about how the dogs are “natural born killers.” for my part, I have never seen any domesticated dog that was aggressive that hadn’t been trained to be that way.

Odd story out of San Diego where a Firefighter ends up getting arrested by  CHP Officer after  “dispute” over where to park some fire apparatus at the scene of an accident on the 805.

Four people have been arrested in the death oh Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Fine. How hard did they investigate the other 1,999 people who have reportedly died from the same thing in the past few months? I am not saying that they shouldn’t have gone after this, but it is sad that it takes the death of a superstar actor to generate the kind of reaction that gets a result. I am also not sure how the war on marijuana is related to a heroin addicts accidental suicide, but at least one Congressman fees that if we stopped it Hoffman would be alive today.

CVS is planning to stop all tobacco sales by October. The theory is that by making a priority of not selling cancer causing products that shoppers will flock in to buy healthier products, thus making up for the lost volume of sales on tobacco. Color me skeptical of the long term success of that particular business model.

The first rule of Fight Club for Fruit Flies, is that we have to talk about Fight Club for Fruit Flies…


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