Stupid and Senseless

Hey, how about that? Just like I predicted, the sun came up this morning. Save your cheap shots. Believe me, I’ve heard them all already anyway.

Sorry Comedians, the last great run by a Bronco was in 1998, not 1994…

In case you missed yesterday’s update, you can review it below (or click here). This story of the hubris of power in Sacramento should be made familiar to every Californian because it effects all of us. These are the people who have lied, cheated, sold out and bought their way into power over us. We should be reporting to you that Senator Wright resigned because he was convicted of perjury and fraud. Instead, we all learn that those in Sacramento do not believe that they are bound by the same laws they pass against you.

An odd story – or least headline – from the Super Bowl. A Congressman is demanding that the “NFL do more to fight Human Trafficking.”

Who knew? Legalizing pot means that the really bad people just find other really bad things to do to people. I thought that legalizing it would solve all the crime problems? Or, would anybody paying attention to history notice that re-legalizing booze didn’t end the gangs? At it’s root the argument for legalization ending crime only works if we legalize everything. Which, of course, fails to protect the rights and liberties of the citizens.

Out in Sochi, where the Olympics are all but ready to start, they are killing stray dogs. Like some areas of Stockton, there are packs of wild dogs running the streets of Sochi.

The ripple effect of the drought is just beginning. since nearly one-third of the jobs in the Central alley are directly connected to or directly involved in farming, the water shortage is going to reverberate throughout our entire economy. Not even Jerry “Eyebrows” Brown will be able to put lipstick on this pig. And believe me, he’s pretty good at convincing you that an $18 Billion cash deficit is a $3.5 Billion “budget” surplus. Meanwhile, the Governor wants you to flush less.

The President regrets his lie that if you liked your healthcare, you could keep it. But he also told Bill O’Reily that it’s Fox News’ fault that people keep bringing these things up.

The passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was described by a fellow actor as “stupid and senseless.” He was blasted for that tweet, but he was correct. Hoffman – according to reports – was found with a needle in his arm and four bags of heroin about him. That is stupid. And senseless in that somebody in his circle knew about his problem. What is stupid and senseless is the Hollywood fawning over what a great actor he was (and he was), instead of some self introspection about how and if they enabled a senseless habit to become a death.


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