The Crooks Are Running the Prison

Some of you will recall the controversy surrounding State Senator Tom Berryhill’s run for State Senate a few years back when he “lived” in Oakdale, although people who followed him around – and there were several – reported that it was a sham and that he maintained his Modesto residence. The problem is that the California Constitution clearly states that candidates MUST reside in their District for a set period of time before they are eligible to run. You’ll notice that Congressional Candidates in the State have always ignored that condition, with their sycophants claiming that the 14th Amendment usurps the State Constitution (and granted, in most ways it does) and they can shop themselves around (carpetbag) and run where they have the best chance of winning. Nobody ever runs in a district where the race will be harder, do they?

In recent days, a State Senator from the LA area, Rod Wright was actually CONVICTED of fraud and perjury, specifically in that he DID NOT LIVE in the district he was elected to represent. Stay with me here, because this story gets even more odd. Senator Wright is African-American, meaning that a black man was convicted of a crime for which a white man was not even charged or even investigated for having apparently committed. How long until the media picks up on that?

Next, Senate President Pro Tem Darryl Steinberg announced that he would not be removing Senator Wright from his powerful committee chairmanships because a jury conviction is not an actual conviction. Yes, that is not a typo. The Pro Tem said that the Jury’s conviction wasn’t “final” until sentencing and consequently Senator Wright’s conviction was “not final until an appeal is heard.” I cannot wait for that argument to start popping up in murder and other criminal trials around the State.

Two days later Senator Wright himself introduced legislation to make “some crimes” misdemeanors instead of felonies. One of those crimes? Fraudulently representing a district in which he doesn’t live and lying about it.

This is what passes for representation in the State Senate.

The simple truth is that Senator Wright should resign. He won’t because of the hubris of power that says to you and I that this isn’t “really” a crime. In fact, he himself introduces a bill to make his actions an “un-crime.” And through that he never resonates the understanding that even if it’s a misdemeanor, it’s STILL ILLEGAL. At the end of the day, Senator Rod Wright is a CRIMINAL.

It’s no wonder that this State thinks things are going great. It IS going great –  for the criminals.


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