Year of the Horse

When the Left doesn’t like a Ballot Measure, they fight it tooth and nail and with some other underhanded techniques like the wording of the actual ballot language, which – for some reason – the Attorney General gets to write. Recall that Jerry Brown, then the AG, wrote the language that appeared on the ballot for Prop 8, which turned it into something that it was not. Now the current AG, Kamila Harris, has written language that effective killed the imitative to reign in public sector pensions. Don’t be fooled, this was 100% on purpose.

I know what I think of polls, and who doesn’t? But for the moment, this poll says that we Californians, as a group, aren’t all that thrilled with Obamacare (he loves that name!) and I presume Covered California.

The Legislature of the Left continues its all out assault on Prop 13. The latest attempt is SB 33, which seeks to undo the system and replace it with unelected boards that will issue bonds, which was established by Prop 13.

Could you survive 16 months adrift at sea? I couldn’t. But this guy might have

It’ Friday, so Lava Porn! what happens if a person (simulated by a bag of organic trash) falls into an active volcano?


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