Not the Loyal Opposition

It’s not enough to solve the drought, but it is nice to look out and see the wet streets this morning. Just a reminder that the rain makes the streets slick, slow down, be careful. Let’s all stay safe and alive!

Some idiot with too much free time and a lawyer is suing NASA. For “not investigating extra-terrestrial life.” Seriously. We so need a “loser pays” system…

This is odd, the Governor is threatening to move water from south to north in the newest version of California Water Wars. Which is at loggerheads with the Legislature who are contemplating laws to send water south.

Anybody surprised that Governor Brown received the “maximum” allowable donation from Tutor-Perini before the last election? You know, Tutor-Perini? The company that received the LOWEST technical score for safety and design of the High Speed Rail, but after  quick change to the scoring system, ended up with the contact based on the relationship the company has with Mr. Diane Feinstein.

Edward Snowden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He won’t win, based on previous winners records, since he actually did something.

Meanwhile Speaker at the House John Boehner has explained to the GOP that they are “the alternative” to Obama, not the “opposition.”


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