The Hubris of Power

The State of the Union speech from the President last night wasn’t just badly written, poorly constructed and delivered with zero passion, it was an abject failure to the left as well. Now granted, they have some rather imperial ideas about using the power of government to force others to live the way they want them to live, but this speech had almost nothing of any substance, including his threats. The state of the Union is the only thing close to a “State Occasion” that we have in the USA, and the President failed to inspire anybody, even his own party. It was oddly reminiscent of the first debate with Romney.

The one thing I do disagree with are the complaints over the presence and acknowledgement of the Wounded Warrior. I get that it was theater and pandering. But it is imperative that we remind ourselves at every opportunity – regardless of the occasion – of the sacrifices of those we sent into harms way. It was fitting that virtually the only extended standing ovation last night was for the Sergeant and by extension, all of those wounded on our behalf.

The City of Stockton announced lat night that they had permanently hired Kurt Wilson, the interim City Manager to do the job.

The City of Modesto had quite the time last night as the debate over Wood Colony and Salida. When the dust had settled, and there was a lot of it, Salida and Wood Colony are STILL on Der Mayors master plan for the City. Officials of Modesto claim that their ruling last night “is not necessarily final,” but one has to presume that the fight is now going to really get started.

At the same time, Councilwoman Kenoyer continues to be an amazing example of everything that is wrong with the political system and the people who seek power over other peoples lives. Her comments at the start to the debate were nothing short of an outrageous example of the hubris of those who seek power and forget that the job title is “service.” There are those calling for her recall. As you know, I generally oppose recalls, and in thise case, I firmly believe that there should be no need for one – she ought to have resonated the understanding that she had no clue what she was getting herself in to, and have the good sense to resign. But she will not. This whole incident and one hundred and eighty degree shift in her positions begs the question as to why this change happened? She is ON RECORD as wanting to preserve farmland, etc, during her campaign. What would cause a City Councilwoman on the job not even two months to change her position? It’s a pretty simple application of Occam’s Razor. She was either lying when she ran for office, or she has recognized that she desires re-election cash. And that comes from people who want something for that cash. So which is it? She should resign  as it is clear that she is not what she portrayed herself as during the campaign. Since she won’t, a recall may be the only option. Re-election shouldn’t even be a consideration.

The lawsuit has been filed over the groundwater wells drilling. Do you think OID will even notice as the plan to pump five BILLION gallons out?


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