State of the Universe

The Modesto City council meets tonight to “discuss” and vote on the annexation of Wood Colony and yes, Salida. A full house is expected, and there is sure to be a great deal of drama and argument over the parliamentary procedures. This is going to be a hot button issue, it’s sure to be exciting. And I will be busy covering the State of the Union speech, live on Power Talk.

Hillary Rodham (Clinton) now says that losing four Americans is her “biggest regret” as Secretary of State. What difference does it make now that she regrest losing four Americans on her watch? It’s water under her Presidential Bid bridge.

I suppose that my question is “And…?” The CIA s “worried” that a US pullout in Afghanistan could degrade their ability to carry out Drone missions…

Meanwhile the President is sure to address the domestic spying issue tonight, right? Right? The government has announced that it will allow tech companies to tell their customers more of what they are giving to the government. I have to be honest about how I see this, it doesn’t help much. At the end of the day, all that happened is that the government allowed us to know more of what it is doing to spy o us. It didn’t convince the government to STOP spying on us.

I have long sad that one of the strongest arguments against there being extraterrestrial life is the physical difficulty of space travel. Assuming that life would be similar to ourselves, granted not exact, but similar to Earth based life forms, it is easy to see that space travel poses numerous insurmountable difficulties, especially in long term space exposure. The simple and undeniable truth is that there is no way for humans to survive long term space travel – the kind that it would take to reach Mars, let alone Alpha-Centauri. Don’t believe me? Fine. Just wait until the volunteers start headed out on their one way trips to Mars. If by some miracle they reach the planet, they won’t be able to function well enough to colonize the new world. Believe me, I know the argument – there “must” be billions of other inhabited intelligent planets because there simply “must be.” To date, there is not one – not one – single piece of actual evidence of intelligent life other than on Earth. Simply saying that there “must be” because it seems like there should be is not science. Investigation and learning are science. Now we have learned that space travel is incredibly debilitating to life. Debilitating to the point of making interstellar, let alone interplanetary travel unachievable. Now, believe me, I am all for the exploration of space. But it’s cheaper and achievable by probes and robotics. And I still predict that what they will find is a 15 Billion Light Year desert. Beautiful and interesting and bereft of intelligent life, save one small not-so-insignificant blue planet.

In creating the Judiciary, the Framers recognized that the better nature of men would need oversight. Political power is toxic and dangerous to liberty. The courts give us a fall back, and a bulwark where the jury can defeat the government. Unless the government essentially crushes the Judiciary by defunding it.

Governor Brown is “increasingly desperate” to save the Bullet Train. So much so that he has asked the US Supreme Court to help save the choo choo train.

You know how the Governor keeps telling us that California is “coming back?” How things are great here because we have a “budget surplus?” If things are so great here, how come the States Pension funds are NOT investing in California? Unless you voted for Jerry Brown because Meg Whitman was “rich,” the answer is pretty obvious.


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