Super Week Begins

Super Week is finally here. We have much happening, the Big Game, The State of the Union and a big announcement.

It is, of course, always a special time of year, but this year is even better (for me, anyway) as my beloved Broncos head back to the big game. If I had to pick my favorite Broncos memory – and remember, I was growing up in Denver in the 1960’s, it would be Sunday, September 30, 1973. That year was special for several reasons, the first winning season (7-5-2), the first playoff run (missed by half a game), the first Monday Night football appearance and so on.

Scan0003One of the worst losses of that season came of September 30th against the Chicago Bears. Coached by the corpulent and amusing Abe Gibron, the Bears would go on to have the second worst season in their history, finishing 3-11. But on that Sunday, the Broncos couldn’t do anything right, even a fake punt run for a first down by Bobby Anderson got called back on a penalty. There is a segment of NFL films that shows a jubilant Gibron running… okay… moving, off the field after a win, it was filmed that day in Denver.

But as bad of a game for the Broncos as that was, up in the Northwest corner of old Mile High Stadium, in section 319, row 15, seat 12, sat yours truly, next to my Dad. You have to understand this – in 1973, Broncos tickets were impossible to get. Flat out impossible. As bad as our team was, we loved and supported them. And ten days earlier, for my 10th birthday, my Dad managed to get two tickets to see the Broncos and Bears. I still do not know to this day what he did, although I am sure it involved some trade work on somebody’s car, to get those tickets.

And even though we lost the game, 33-14, it’s still one of the best days of my life. Sitting with my dad, talking football and Broncos.

I still have my ticket from that wonderful day.

I’ve suffered through the four Super losses, and cheered for two wins. And for all of that, my favorite Broncos game was an embarrassing defeat to a crappy Bears team. Win or loose, I still love my team.

Speaking of the NFL Championship game, this might be one of the dumbest columns I’ve ever read about the dangers of sport. I get that football is rough and leads to permanent injuries – believe me, I get that. But the idea that we should ban football is laughable. The idea that we (as a nation) use football to deal with the “moral incoherence” of Iraq and Afghanistan is almost as silly.

The Modesto City Council will vote tomorrow night on whether or not to annex (seize) Wood Colony. The prevailing theory is that they “have the votes” to do it, and then sit on it for a few years until people quit whining about it, then seize it and develop it.

The President will bring the State of the Union Speech tomorrow night as well. We will have it live on Power Talk, followed by a chance for you to weigh in on the speech live. The President is expected to call for income redistribution and threaten the use of Executive Orders to bypass Congress to get his wish.


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