Bobsledding, Mon!

In case anybody thought that the Cold War was actually over, Communist China is starting to tick off Japan. Enough so that the Prime Minister of Japan, a nation which is Constitutionally bound to not go to war, is refusing to rule out going to war against Communist China. His comments will certainly resonate in a negative way in Communist China, but this isn’t 1937. Japan, going it alone against Communist China would almost certainly lose. The problem is that they almost equally as certain would not be going it alone, would they?

There will be a Jamaican Bobsled team at the Sochi Olympics! Presuming that they don’t get blown up by the terrorists they will compete in the sled competition. Thanks to the interwebs and people who understand the true Olympic spirit isn’t found in “Dream Teams.”

Does the IRS need to have access to a private website to investigate a Conservative group of Actors and Entertainers who want to form an official group? Yep, you read that correctly. A group of some 1500 Actors and Hollywood types want to basically form their own PAC. For two years – oddly enough – the RS has been “investigating” them and holding up their application. I am sure that this sort of thing is a rare occurrence and happens with equal frequency to liberal groups of actors and entertainers, right?

New Healthcare coverage at no costs to yourself? San Joaquin County will continue to pay health benefits for Trustees of the Mosquito and Vector Control District. Stand by for the “It’s Just a drop n the Bucket” argument. But notice that the Board was unable to vote on the issue due to paralysis. And by being frozen, they maintained the status quo and kept the benefits.

Tan and ready, John Boehner and crew were in Bakersfield yesterday pushing for a new bill to increase pumping from the Delta.

The largest of the Super-PAC’s on the liberal side of things has “aligned” itself with Hillary Clinton. Tell me again how she has not yet decided on whether or not to run? Cue the Hollywood celebs to explain in condescending tones that Benghazi was all just a getup by mean Republicans and isn’t really a scandal.

Oddly enough, when pitted against realistic economic concerns, global warming regulations and rules are slowly but surely been seen for what they are – giant economy crushing nonsense. At least in Europe anyway

The craving for fad and easy diets to lose weight is leading some unscrupulous people to take advantage of folks who are desperate but unwilling to do the actual work required. n this case, a 500 calorie  day diet combined with steroids. Oddly enough, the “Doctor” in charge of it all turns out to not be a very attentive to detail Doctor. Who is really surprised?


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