Only He Can Talk About His Momma

John Fleischman of the Flash Report sat down with Neel Kashkarian for a full interview. Instead of the typical article about the interview with a few pull quotes here and there, he decided to just transcribe the interview. It turns out that Mr. Kashakrian is going “to run an authentic” campaign, and use lots of examples involving his mother. It might work. After all, can the Democrats really say something bad about a man’s mother?

Maybe instead of the Jerry Brown Memorial Straws, the Mountain Tunnel should be repaired/replaced? The Tunnel connects Yosemite to san Francisco ad is in very bad shape. Of course, the costs involved *should* be paid by San Francisco, but you and I both know that they won’t be.

The mythical North County Corridor could contain a giant roundabout for the purposes of slowing down transit from the people who don’t know what to do and so they stop instead of going when they see the thing.

I suppose that my question at this point is why leave 10,000 troops in Afghanistan at all? The theory goes that they would help “keep the peace,” but how would they do that?

A brand new (the wrapper isn’t even off yet) Assemblywoman who’s last job was working as a Union Executive has proposed the standard liberal “pay people” bill. This time she wants paid sick time for all hourly workers in California.

Well here’s some good news! Lawmakers who want you and your kid to legally smoke marijuana have said that they themselves won’t be inhaling.


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