DeLeon’s Ghost Guns are Amazing!

Look for State Senator Kevin DeLeon to have a statement out today defending his ridiculous video.

In case you missed it this weekend, Arnold is back on your TV pitching Beer. He doesn’t really need the money, so it’s about relevance and staying on the camera.

Did you know that n 2007 a law was passed to prevent lawmakers in Congress from accepting bribes, ahem, I meant “gifts,” of just about any value? Did you know that today, they continue to act bribes, ahem, I meant “gifts?” How, you ask? Because the people who wrote the law “found” a loophole in it. Yep, you read that correctly. They “found” a loophole that lets them go on collecting bribes. Ahem.

Interesting. Start a Physics Journal that doesn’t toe the line on Anthropogenic Global Warming and get your brand new (2 issues) Physics Journal de-published.

Net Neutrality is dead, kind of. But what if that portends that the Government might actually have MORE control over the internet?

China exports a great deal of air pollution to the Western United States. Where we get to pay fines for it because CARB refuses to acknowledge the real problem…

Do you want to weigh in on the Jerry Brown Memorial Straws? You have a chance tonight in Stockton as there is a meeting for public response to the plan.

“You Don’t Have to be Jewish to Love a Kosher Prison Meal.” You do however, have to be in prison. In Flori-duh, where a Judge ordered the prisons to serve the meals to “all eligible” inmates. So now, you can go to prison in Flori-duh and not worry about offending G-d, by keeping Kosher. Which – and I say this without being judgmental – you’d be stupid to do that just get a good Kosher meal. You can get them pretty much anywhere, including NOT in prison in Flori-duh.


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