Original Intent

Did you know that the INTENT of the folks who gave us Prop 11 and Prop 20 was to apply the “Top 2” Primary System to the Presidential election as well as the state levels? Think about that for second – if these folks get their way, you will NOT be permitted to vote for ANY Presidential Candidate except the “top two primary” winners, i.e. the GOP and the Democrat. I said back then that this violates the 1st Amendments prohibitions against preventing freedom of association, and probably the 14th Amendment equal protection as well. I predict that if The Independent Voter Project gets their way, you will lose your right to vote for whomever you wish and lawsuits should and will be filed. And just wait until either the GOP or the Democrat Candidate manages to come in 3rd in the Primary’s (and it will eventually happen). Then you will see the lawsuits fly like crazy.

A new documentary purports to tell the Kerrigan-Harding story with Tonya Harding not being the evil heartless win-at-all-costs bitch crying about her laces that we’ve all grown to know and hate. In fact, in this film, she’s the hero.

The government now says that were in a drought. In fact, the whole western part of the country is getting drier, but for California it’s scary critical. And the State Legislature is working hard to ban 3D printers and cigarette butts. 

The Lawyer for the 71-year old retired Cop who shot the man texting his daughter’s Day Care Center from a movie theater is claiming that the popcorn which was thrown at him was an attack which had to be defended against. I’m pretty sure that this was an unlawful use of deadly force. And I’m glad the jury isn’t in Fullerton.

Do you have one of the 100,000 (that they admit to) computers that the NSA has installed software onto to spy on you? By the by, the software allows them to “enter and alter data” on the computer, even when it is NOT connected to the internet. Oh, and in case you forgot, President Obama was against spying before he was for it.

Turlock has come up with an interesting idea for dealing with “aggressive” panhandling. They have banned it. Yep, from now on in Turlock if you are a panhandler, you’ll have to be polite about it. 

Like me, you probably thought that some guy named Sadaharu Oh was the Japanese Baseball Home Run King, but he’s not. Believe it or not, a South-American by the name of  Wladimir Balentien is the single season record holder in the Japan Leagues. He also got arrested in (where else?) Florida for being a dirtball and a domestic abuser. Somewhat embarrassed to say that guy also played for quite a while for my Tacoma Rainers before heading off to Japan and breaking a record that shouldn’t have been. Not because he couldn’t, but because it’s such an ingrained part of their game – of which I am quite fond. Japanese Baseball is a different game than ours, but I would really like to see a true “World Series” matching their Champ against ours. I’d also like to see a team in Japan, Australia, South Korea and China. It’d be a great division and would add a real world feel to the game.

By the by, twenty-seven days to spring training!


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