North Dakota. It Ain’t New York City. Duh.

In the last 3500 years scientists say that California has suffered through two one-hundred year plus long droughts. Most water allocation plans are based on a maximum seven years drought (wonder why?). But what if this goes longer, much longer? Turlock is debating whether to sell recycled water to farmers.

The IBEW in Los Angeles receives a great deal of tax payer money. Money that for which they simply do not want to account. The era of Unions running amok with zero accountability may be drawing to a close, as LA is issuing a subpoena.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to North Dakota, but I have. In fact, I went out of my way to go to Bowman, North Dakota a few years back. What I found was a magical place that was full of friendly people who were welcoming and talkative. The city was classic small town America, right down to the fact that (in February) they left their keys in the car and their engines running while they shopped and ate. Lately North Dakota has been the booming economy of the nation, with wages and jobs rising and the University of North Dakota winning three straight FCS (what used to be Div 1-AA) National Championships in football and talk about moving up to BCS (or whatever they will call Division 1 now). So naturally it is time for the New York Times to start harping about how North Dakota isn’t New York City. Thank G-d!

Yet another example of Government trying to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist. In South Cakalaky, there is now a bill to make “videotaping of a violent crime” a felony. Granted, there are some technical items in the bill, but the reasoning is to “stop people filming violent crimes and putting them on the internet.” Did anybody in South Carolina ever think to themselves, “Hey’ here is evidence of a violent crime. We should arrest and prosecute the perpetrators.” I’m guessing not, and once again, good intentions overcome common sense in the ever growing drive to use government to “help” fix something.

Obamacare (he loves that name) is starting to collapse as most everybody signing up is not young. Turns out young people aren’t as stupid as they thought.

The science is settled. Seventy-five “leading economists” (whatever that means) have come out in support of a minimum wage hike. I have always wondered why weathermen and economists can be so wildly wrong on virtually every prediction they make and yet stay employed?


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