The Five Cockroach Insanitary

I went to my first VFW meeting last night, and I have to say it was a great experience.  have said this before, and I will continue to say it, my generation of Vets needs to get involved in Veterans Service Organizations. We tend to not think of ourselves as old enough or whatever else to want or feel any need to get involved, but now is the time, given what is happening in our nation and the sheer number of Vets who are being added to our population annually now. These groups are a great way to serve your fellow Veterans and your community. If you’re a Veteran and not a member, take the time to consider joining. And if you, like me are a “younger” Vet (50 and under), today is he time to get involved.

Water and the drought is going to be THE story in California this year. Between the Governors “Jerry Brown Memorial Water Tunnels” and his budget for increasing water storage, the growing calls for mandatory conservation of water by some Cities, and lawsuits over well drilling here in Stanislaus County, it’s pretty clear that water is going to be everywhere this year.

Still unclear in Livingston is whether a ToTaL of five cockroaches were found or whether if was cockroaches were found on five occasions since September. In either case, it is really starting to look like the USDA was determined to shut Foster Farms down.

The economy only added 74,000 jobs last month – at least before the inevitable “adjustments” are made. The Labor Department is warning that the cold weather helped to depress job “growth” last month. Lost in the noise and spin is that more and more Americans not only aren’t working, they’re not even looking for work anymore. Some 92 Million Americans are no longer “in the workforce” at all. Think about that. Basically 1/4th of all Americans aren’t even considering work. And when you factor in that basically half of the population is either too old or too young to work, that means that more than half of work aged Americans aren’t even “in the work force” anymore. Think about that at random intervals today and see if you can get your mind around it.

The State Budget released yesterday instead of Friday since the Governor’s Office leaked it anyway on Wednesday, comes with the typical positive spin that we are going to increase spending by $8.3 BILLION, put another $1.6 BILLION in savings, but it will all be okay because we have a $3.5 Billion “surplus.” 


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