Most Uncomfortable Singing Ever

I am not involved with the food industry, except as a consumer, and I have never been to a chicken plant, like the one in Livingston. But believe me, I m hearing from those of you who are and have been. And from what people are saying, this whole “suspension” of the Foster Farms Plant seems like a farce of some sort. Recall that last year the USDA did NOT shut down the plant over an outbreak of salmonella – a potentially deadly contamination that we were told the USDA was “all but powerless” to do anything about. They plant(s) were threatened with shut down, but ultimately no action was taken (and as far as I recall, nobody got sick or died). Now a cockroach is found – and we are not told in what part of the plant – and operations are “suspended?” From the statement by Foster Farms it didn’t seem like a huge deal, they were able to get it dealt with by late in the day on Wednesday. Now I am not saying that cockroaches are a good thing, but there seem to be some rather odd priorities by the USDA here. And since  am not seeing the same odd priorities in say the beef or fish plants, I have to wonder what the USDA has against Foster Farms? Or at the very least I have to wonder why the USDA appears to have a grudge against Foster Farms?

“As someone who has hauled product out of many chicken processing plants, there is nothing sanitary about them. The onsite reps of the USDA are a joke, they don’t do anything except collect a check.” – KFIV Facebook Poster

The Great New Jersey Bridge Lane Scandal is underway. What a hoot that the RINO favorite for President in 2016 could be brought down by a traffic jam?

Lt. Tori Hughes, the Chief of Police in Patterson, withdrew from the race for Sheriff yesterday citing health reasons. I have said before that I am pleased overall with the job that Adam Christianson has done and continues to do as Sheriff. That doesn’t mean that he should run unopposed. The elections bring new ideas and thoughts, and opportunities for discussion and creativity. That said, the one question I have for each candidate is: Given the same circumstances, what would you have differently?

Dennis “The Worm” Rodman made history yesterday for the “Most Uncomfortable Singing of Happy Birthday Ever” when he broke into song before the international friendly against his North Korean buddy’s team. The video of this will make your skin crawl as you realize that most of the North Koreans present don’t speak English and have no idea what he is saying or why. And they have to be wondering if they’ll be shot for not applauding or if Rodman is saying something bad and they should attack him? Enjoy…


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