Mayor for a Day

I said yesterday that you cannot swing a dead cat on a three foot string without hitting somebody who has an idea for making Modesto (or Stockton, or Turlock, or Ripon, or Manteca, or Lodi, or Tracy, or any place you want to name) better. I certainly have my own ideas, and they start not in Salida or Wood Colony, but in south Modesto, at the airport. Today I’ll give you your chance to share your ideas too. So just pretend that you have been elected Mayor of your city, what’s your BEST idea to improve things around your burg?

The State Legislature opened up yesterday, one of the first items of business is a bill to forbid the NSA from being able to collect metadata in the State. This is an interesting idea, but is it just more political posturing as opposed to any actual legislative accomplishment? Consider this, if the Courts rule (an they will) that metadata is constitutional, how does California’s proposed law stop them? You can argue nullification, but aren’t we a bit beyond that when it comes to government spying and unreasonable search and seizure? If we don’t don’t now that they are doing it – and how will we? – how can a simple law stop them?

I never really cared for Dennis Rodman when he was semi-normal and played great defense. Now I am even less enamored with him for making the moral equivalency argument for Kim Jung Nut. There will always be idiots who make millions from the freedoms and the talents that they have. But it doesn’t mean that we have to listen to them.


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