Crying Over the Milk He Spilt

121109_boehner_crying_verticalDon’t get me wrong here, but the kabuki theater going on in Congress over the repeal of the Pension Cuts to the Military is ToTaL nonsense. And bad acting at that. Remember that the budget agreement that put these cuts in place was hailed by Paul Ryan (R-WI) as emblematic of “GOP principles.” John Boehner said that ANYBODY who was against the budget deal that cut military pensions was “for” deficits. Today TPLGLTer’s are positioning themselves and spinning this as “the Democrats” are forcing the cuts to the pensions, but the undisputable and unarguable FACT is that TPLGLT leadership, specifically Paul Ryan and John Boehner put these cuts in place. Then they bragged about the process and told everyone who disagreed that we were the problem.

Oh, and Jeff Denham voted FOR those cuts via that budget. Why?

Should they “fix” it? Of course they should. But let’s for once have none of the b.s. about how they “care” about Veterans. Let’s have an honest admission that they did not read it, and only voted for it because they were ordered to by Boehner, who also had not read it. Then let’s have a new Speaker.

The fall of Fallujah to the AQ is heartbreaking. That so much blood and treasure was spent on people who don’t gave enough of a damn to stand up to these PLRI thugs is heartbreaking. I have said before and and again I say we had to go in. Whether you accept it or not is not relevant, Hussein had WMD’s and had and would have used them – or worse, allowed others to use them. That threat is gone. We should have finished him in 1991. We didn’t. This is a lesson in what happens when you try to make war “fair” or “limited.” There is no such thing. You fight until your enemy has no more ability to fight. Period. Anything less leaves the door open for more and worse. 

The Deputies are going to pay the 13.4% increase in their pensions by payroll deductions from their paycheques. Oh, and they’re going to get a 13.4% pay rise to cover the cost. So how again is the tax payer saving anything here?

Der Mayor and the Chancellery have turned their avaricious eyes from Salidavakia to Wood Colony with the plan of turning prime farmland into a business park. For a guy who’s whole campaign was “Build up, not out,” he sure seems determined to take over somebody – anybody – else’s land for his precious business park.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose… So the Stockton (not-a) Boy’s & Girls Club supporters now claim that the name doesn’t really matter. The problem is, that unlike Shakespeare’s rose, it does matter. As evidenced by the lack of training lack of support structure and lack of preparation, the Stockton Club simply cannot function without the national umbrella, and seemingly, was barely able to do so with it. The fact remains, they were paying their CEO $100,000/year, and other board members as well. That is an outrage and deserves scrutiny – it smacks of political payback and purpose as opposed to “helping kids.” The refusal to allow an audit to obtain a grant is the nail in the coffin – it indicates that the the CEO – the Mayor – has something to hide. What that is, is all we have left that we need to know.

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