Not 100%, But…

Yesterday was a veritable nightmare, I have never been sick like that during a show. At any rate, last night was difficult, with a great deal of pain and continued nausea. I am up and at it this morning, but not 100%, so I am going to try to give it a go and I will make the final call around noon.

We talked yesterday about raising cigarette taxes three times to de-incentivize smoking, today we hear that Hollywood – and presumably Senator Calderon – wants at least quadruple the amount of tax credits they currently get to keep making movies in California.

People in developing countries are “obese,” even more so than those of us in “rich” countries. Interestingly enough, in Mexico, government workers are REQUIRED to exercise 20 minutes a day to “combat obesity.” It would be interesting to see the Union reaction to an attempt to do the same thing here, my guess is that it would be drowned in a sea of “right to be fat” filings and “personal responsibility” claims. Which is funny because – like most things on the left – it’s just lip service to an ideal they don’t really believe in.

Under the new law, you know, Obamacare (he loves that name), experts see the number of Emergency Room visits increasing

For some reason people seem to forget that during the War of 1812, we got beat in many battles. A lot. In fact, it’s hard to argue that we won the war, although technically the Brits left and we’re still here, so strategically speaking we did. But if you just look at individual battles, we got trounced. Repeatedly. By the Canadians. Now they are naming their warships after battles that they won – and conversely we lost. Do we have a right to be upset about that?

The story broke late yesterday that the State MUST count the signatures on petitions to place a ballot measure which is a set back for the State and the Secretary of State who sought to reject the petitions on questionable grounds. The bigger question is what are they so afraid of? Are they finally starting to realize what a stupid idea AB 1266 is and they now fear that the people – who by all arguments are smarter than they are – will overturn their precious law? If they truly believe that transgendered sports teams and bathrooms are so critical and important, wouldn’t a general referendum on the matter support their belief? Or are they realizing that the super-majority went too far?

By the by, it’s looking like the November ballot will be a full one.

The Communist Mayor of New York – who some mistakenly call the first Democrat mayor in 20 years (Bloomberg???) – is banning horse drawn carriages. New York City is dead to me.


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