Welcome to the New Year…

Happy 2014, ya’ll!

The calendar year may have turned, but the issues haven’t. Yesterday, “millions” of Americans gained health insurance. Despite Justice Sotomayor placing a hold (temporary) on the Contraceptive mandate, the law goes into “full” effect as of the 1st of the new year. I say “full” but as we know, that is only for the bennies, not the costs. Now that the law is in effect, the GOP has lost all opportunity to stop it. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the GOP will repeal this law. Don’t believe me? Fine. Write it down that I told you so…

The interesting thing to me was the NYT story on the implementation that quoted a “33 year old music therapist.” The quote itself was of typical content, but I was intrigued by the Music Therapy profession that she will now be able to be since health insurance was apparently stopping her from working in the field. Turns out that Music Therapy is a “recognized medical field” in which music is used to “accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional (Katie?) who has completed an approved music therapy program.” Look, I get it, some things work, some don’t. But you have to wonder what the actual demands are for credentialed music therapists if this gal in the NYT couldn’t actually work as one because she didn’t have health insurance? This goes to Nancy Pelosi’s comments about how the Obamacare (he loves that name) will let people be whatever they want to be instead of useful members of society.

New York City swore in the new Mayor, who is now seen as a liberal lab rat for his and other socialists populist theories about how to run a city. He’s going to have some big problems and shoes to fill. Turns out that Bloomberg, in addition to being a socialist and a fascist, was also very rich, and “saved” the City from spending $650 Million by spending his own money on services and supplies for the City. Now that he’s not going to be doing that, where do you suppose that de Blasio will find the money to make up that shortfall?

Over the Holiday’s the Stockton Boys & Girls Club was decertified by the national organization, apparently because Mayor Silva refused a grant to operate the Club because it would have required an audit. Think about that for a moment. What is the Mayor trying to hide? I’ve said before that the fact that the Stockton Boys & Girls Club pays board members is an embarrassment and is nothing more than a political payback. Now we start to see why. The sad part is that some kids are going to learn the hard way that they are nothing more than pawns in a slick politicians money game. And with no audit, we’ll never know just how corrupt the game was. And yes, I – with nearly 30 years of Non-Profit experience (and five of that running a Boys & Girls Club) – just said that. If the Mayor wants to prove otherwise, then he’ll approve the audit. Trust me, he won’t.

After years of fighting and spilling American blood and treasure to free the Afghan people from the asshat Taliban, the government of Afghanistan, such as it is, has decided to release prisoners we turned over to them, including “committed insurgents who had attacked Americans.” It’s enough to make me cry when I think about the brave blood we poured out for these ungrateful, selfish, 7th Century backwards people.

If you’re on Facebook (The Dave Bowman Show Facebook Page), you’ve seen over the past months posts about the the Florida law requiring welfare recipients to get drug tested. I have said all along that the law will not stand up, as it clearly violated equal protection. But a Judge in Orlando also says that the law violates the 4th Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable searches. And it does. Plus, there’s no documentable proof that it won’t costs more than it would save. I get the sentiment, I understand the frustration that we all have. But the problem isn’t welfare, it’s a society that has removed all stigma from the receipt of welfare and refuses to teach and encourage self-determination and self-support. Until that changes, no amount of laws or limits will have any effect.

You may know the name Michael Shumacher, he is a retired Formula 1 Driver and a highly successful race car driver. He was badly injured in a ski accident in which he hit a tree, resulting in brain damage despite the fact that he was wearing a crash helmet. The Doctors aren’t sure whether he’ll survive, and so they can’t say yet how much effect there will be on his brain. Unlike the young girl in Oakland who has been declared brain dead by multiple Doctors, yet her family insists that there “will be a miracle” that will somehow restore her. These kinds of stories and arguments always make me queasy because you’re dealing with emotional people who are not thinking clearly and with people who are, but aren’t saying what the other people want to hear. We’ll get into some of this, but understand this, my personal directions to my family have been crystal clear – if there is no chance, pull the plug. It might be a good reminder to each of us to think about advance directives, wills and other such arrangements. By the by, Pat the Lawyer does those kinds of documents. Give him a call (209-951-7837), it’s never to early to start planning. And if it’s too late, it’s too late. 


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