I Heard Him Exclaim As He Drove Out of Sight…

By the time we wrapped up the Wednesday show, A&E Network had “suspended” Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for his “anti-gay slurs” – which weren’t – and he had issued an apology, but the damage was done. I had decided earlier in the day to support free speech and freedom of religion and to watch tonight, but changed my mind when he was suspended. Certainly A&E has the right to do so, they are after all, paying him, but the idea that that the concepts of liberty and freedom are subordinate to political correctness and the non-existent “right not to be offended” have turned me off.

I did watch Conan, and his bit with the American Girl Doll Store had me laughing so hard I could barely breath.

After the Thursday show, I will be headed out for a full week of vacation. Yes, that means “Best Of” shows, since John is also still on vacation as well. On Wednesday we will have the “Classic Radio Christmas” shows running, which I have had the chance to listen through are are a great reminder of the golden age of radio, when there was nothing else, no TV or interwebs. Some pretty cool stuff.

John and I will be back on the 30th for the annual anti-DUI show and then ready to kick off the New Year on the 2nd. I plan to spend the week with lots of Ben time, going to play in parks and building train tracks, and I plan – I know, I always do – to completely unplug and not follow the news at all. It’s hard for me to do that, but I always set it as a goal for vacation, and then I never succeed. But I am going to try!

Some last minute thoughts for the blog…

  • I think that the TPLGLT is starting to realize what a deal they made with the devil for the peace of no-shutdowns. The Veterans are very unhappy, and the GOP base is more pro-veteran than the Democrat base is. The idea of cutting Veterans while increasing illegal immigrant benefits is not sitting well, and shows that Ryan was full of sh** when he claimed that this deal “meets GOP principles.” No it didn’t. It arguably doesn’t even meet basic accounting principles. But thanks to Harry Reid, who is basically running the nation right now, it went on through anyway.

  • According to Barbara Wah-Wah, the most interesting person of 2013 was Hillary Rodham (Clinton)? Barbara must live in a boring world. Also, there is no way in hell that Hillary hasn’t already decided about 2016. The only wild card is how much damage control she can do on Benghazi before announcing her run.

  • I am a bit surprised that 220,000 long term California un-employed will lose their benefits at the end of the month. Congress “failed to act” and California is broke (wait, I thought that we had a “surplus?”) so EDD is sending out letters to warn folks they’re losing their benefits. I really though that Congress would deal with it, but I guess they had vacations to get to? In any case, my next prediction is that the will back pay the benefits when they get back to Washington in January.

  • Peter O’Toole passed away this past week, and for all of his films, my favorite has always been “Lord Jim.” It is based on the Joseph MV5BMTg4MTQ0NTA3MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDcwODYyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_Conrad book by the same title. In the event that you have not seen it, the story revolves around a young sailor who dreams of being a hero and ends up being a coward. How he deals with things after that is the story of what really makes a man who he is. O’Toole himself was disappointed with the film and later said of it that he had played it [the role] “conservative and safe, and in that way lies failure.” Which oddly enough is one of the themes of the book and the film – that when we take the easy way, the popular way instead of what we know in our soul to be the right way, we end up failing.

Merry Christmas to all, and I will see you on the 30th!


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