First World Government Problems

Weird place to start today, but a question for you: Do you believe the story of Noah’s Ark? furthermore, do you believe that the Ark (if the story is true) still exists today? Drop me an eMail and let me know what you think (click here). You can also text me or leave me a voicemail at 565-DAVE (3283)

Senator Anthony “There Ought To Be A Law” Canella got law passed last session to make it a crime to post a nude picture of someone else without their permission, otherwise known as “revenge porn,” but now is seeking to go even further with a new law, called “Revenge Porn 2.0″since – as he said in his own press release, he realized that he “recognized that more could be done” to protect “victims” of revenge porn, hence 2.0 was born and press released. Version 2.0 focuses more on “selfies,” in other words, pictures that people take of themselves and give to someone else that then end up on the interwebs. So here is my question, since this seems, according to the press release, to be a major crime wave, IF as soon as I dial a number, according to the Supreme Court, I have “given” that information to the phone company and have no “reasonable expectation” of keeping that call private, how is me sending a classic Roman pose picture of myself to a girlfriend (or boyfriend), presumably through that same phone number with the NSA monitoring it, how is there any “reasonable expectation of privacy?” Now I get that there is another side of this which is the theory that some people are simply snapping naked pictures of unaware victims and then posting them on the interwebs. Isn’t that already a crime? Look, I get it, you’re in the super-minority and are basically irrelevant. But is that really an excuse to legislate stupidity?

More “There’s Just Nothing else Left to Solve” Issues from local government – the Stockton City Council votes to stop sexting texting during Council meetings. Mayor Silva voted against it. Of course.

Who is Kate Moss? I feel like I should know that, but for some reason this morning I cannot remember why I should know who she is.

Government Logic 101 – the Murals from the Modesto Post Office are (a) old and (b) need “restoration,” but the Government (isn’t the USPS NOT a Government agency?) can’t afford to do that, so rather than donate them to a museum, sell them to a collector, or display them unrestored, they will be shipped to the same warehouse in Virginia where the Ark of the Covenant sits in a crate.

Remember when Paul Ryan (R-WI) said that one of his GOP principles was saving the military from cuts? Apparently those principles (which are actually values mis-expressed as principles) did not include military Veterans, but did include illegal immigrants receiving welfare.

So Bill Lockyer – the State Treasurer – has time to do a part time job at a law firm in Irvine?

Want to meet Hillary Rodham (Clinton) in person? Got a spare $250,000? You’re in!


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