The Boston Tea Party

Just a “heads up,” we are in reduced operational mode this week, as John is on Vacation and I start my vacation on Friday. We will have very limited phones, but the Text Machine is always open, and you can always leave me a voice mail if we don’t answer.

Today is the Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. We see the event as a seminal moment in American History, the world (and England), not so much…

Here it Comes Again… the Stanislaus County Road Tax is headed towards a November Ballot. Given the time available, differing priorities and political hurdles to be leaped, look for a Measure X quality poorly thought out, heavily union financed, not answering questions and not likely to actually fix the roads tax increase which we be told that if we oppose it’s because we hate roads.

Is the NSA seriously considering giving Edward Snowden amnesty? If so, that’s very bad news for the people who worked with him and supervised him, since it would now become VERY clear that the only reason he was able to do this was because he was allowed to do so by a combination of lax security procedures and lousy management.

The Modesto Bee Editorial Board has weighed in on the Budget Not-a-Deal and states that anybody who opposes the deal “lacks leadership.” I suppose that if you come from a world where a mans word is meaningless and he violates EVERY campaign and leadership promise he’s made to get a deal that does little more than enhance his prospects of defeating the party you support every election, then you could define opposition as a lack of leadership. It would be interesting to see what the Bee Board would have said if it was Pelosi agreeing to his Not-a-Deal, would it not? In any case, the local “Conservative” Congressman voted for it, as he had been directed to by Boehner.

Is a 1% Error Rate acceptable to you? The site is said to now have a 1% error rate, but that translates to some 15,000 “customers” who’s records have been “lost.” Now you might say that 15,000 people isn’t so much given the scale and scope of the project, but consider what happens when a business “loses” 1% of it’s customer records. We get hearings, investigations, bad press and loss of confidence. When 1% of the patients taking a prescribed drug die from it, the drug gets pulled, even if it saved the other 99%. If NASA had a 1% acceptable failure rate on the parts of a Saturn V rocket, we never would have made it to the moon.

Covered California says that it is “not worried” about the fact that (so far) only 14% of people signing up do not “need” subsidies. In other words, Covered California is unconcerned that there is virtually nobody signing up that will actually pay for the insurance. Why would that be?

The Shakeup in the White House Staffing has green groups excited, as they believe that John Podesta will “be a force” for Climate issues. They are disappointed as they believe that the Administration has put a focus on the economy and left the Environmental issues on the back burner and they think that was a mistake. But the truth is that the White House knew that pushing climate issues before the 2012 Election would have been problematic, and so it “delayed” new rules and regulations (and jobs reports) until after the election.

Was Bob Geldf’s Christmas attempt to feed Ethiopia a bigger disaster than it was a help? Some think so. It more or less falls into the same category as the Kony 2012 campaign. A lot of self congratulatory, feel good warm fuzzy’s, but virtually no actual accomplishment.


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