The Only Game That Really Matters

In the biggest scheme of things, it is the only college football game of the year that really matters and at the same time, it’s the only college football game of the year that doesn’t matter at all. For those of us who annually glue ourselves to the TV for a few hours on the second Saturday in December for the Army-Navy game, it is more than “just a football game,” and yet is also nothing more than just  football game.

These young men who play football tomorrow joined our Military knowing the dangers and the needs of the Nation. The volunteered and they’ve worked hard to get where they are – far harder than most collegiate athletes will ever imagine working – and at the same time, looking forward not to NFL riches and glory, but to service and command and leadership.

The boys you see on that field will be men on the battlefields within a few months or years. They will lead our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, in the service of our Country. And while a small number of them will be on the field, look around the stands and notice that there will be many, many more Cadets and Midshipmen who will also become leaders soon, even if they never play a down of football.

I am Navy Blue & Gold, through and through. Yes, I am enlisted but for me, the Navy runs deep in my veins and my heart, and I have no problem rooting for Canoe U in the only game of the season that I actually care about. I will watch with a tear and a swelling emotions as the National Anthem is performed the way it is meant to be performed. As the Colors are presented with precise, crisp military bearing.  I will watch through the game which may be one sided or may be exciting, and at the end I will feel deeply the emotion as one side sings first, having lost the game, but knowing that they are already winners in the hearts and minds of the people of the United States.

As much as I am Navy, it will not bother me if we lose. Particularly if Army, having lost for the last decade, finds a way to get up off the turf late and win the game, as they came oh, so close, to doing last year.

Army-Navy is the only game really matters in the collegiate season, and yet, it’s the only game that really doesn’t matter all that much – as a football game.

As an example to us of the fantastic and amazing men and women of our Armed Services, it matters as much as anything else that might happen on the field in any BCS or Bowl game.

Go Navy ! Beat Army!

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