Embrace the Suck

Hour 1 – Tạm biệt, nước sốt danh sách

[audio http://www.slipperyfish.com:8080/wp/DBS/121213%201%20Sriracha.mp3]

The State of California tells Huy Fong Foods that they cannot ship ANY Sriracha Sauce for the next 30 days.

Hour 2 – Fuddy Duddy

[audio http://www.slipperyfish.com:8080/wp/DBS/121213%202%20Fuddy.mp3]

AHT Alarm, the woman who signed off on Obama’s Birth Certificate dies in a plane crash. Pelosi says “Embrace the Suck.” If TPLGLT and the Democrats agree functionally, why do we we need both?


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