AHT of the Day

Legislative Democrats want to spend $3.5 Billion of the “budget surplus” the State “has” to give the money to schools (read: Teachers Unions). The problem is, of course, that just yesterday the Controller was complaining that because Thanksgiving was so late, the State was short $440 Million in anticipated sales tax revenue for the year. That means that for the fiscal year to date, the State has a cash deficit of “just” $19.6 Billion. So from where exactly is this $3.5 Billion Unions buy out going to come? Answer: from the “emergency reserves” thus eliminating any thought of planning for a rainy day…

The voices are growing as to the realization that Government spying on private citizens is both easy and prevalent. Controls are needed, but I have no faith that Congress will do anything when its leaders (such as Bondo Feinstein) favor the programs. The 4th Amendment is virtually dead, my friends. The only recourse is for We the People to elect leaders who will respect it and to not accept the excuse “Well, if you knew what I know you’d agree with me” that we get from elected leaders at every level.

Let the Aluminum Hat Theories commence. The Public Official who certified Obama’s Birth Certificate in Hawaii has died in a plane crash.

The America’s Cup Race in San Francisco was supposed to generate a whole lot more than just $364 Million in economic activity. It didn’t. There are reasons for it, but at the end of the day the answer is pretty simple, Yacht racing is not a spectator sport is barley a television sport on the Ocho. Anybody who bought into the idea that the race would be an economic boon was smoking something. But for whatever reason San Francisco bought into the hype about a race that few people care about and even less would pay the price of a ticket to watch.

Stockton is pretending to exit bankruptcy without actually addressing the primary issue that helped put them in bankruptcy to begin with – crushing pension debt. The Mayor is acting the fool, trying to hire a walking harassment suit and turning the subsequent fallout into a three year circus, more crime and higher taxes, but no real plan to actually solve the problem.

Should a former Illegal Immigrant, who worked for years under a stolen Social Security Number, be hired by the Prison System to be a guard? 


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