The Nuclear Option – I Told You It Was Not a Smokescreen

On Monday at 5:30pm (Eastern Standard Time), the US Senate will hold a confirmation vote for Patricia Millet to take a seat on the DC Circuit Court. She is controversial and she is also THE reason (along with two other fellow nominees to the DC Court) that Harry Reid used the nuclear option. Now, thanks to that use, she will be “confirmed” to the Bench, giving the President and the Democrat Party an decided advantage in the Court that ruled against the President, deciding that his recess appointment of NLRB Members was unconstitutional.  That won’t happen again, will it? Currently the Court is 4-4 GOP v DEM with three Obama nominations pending, Patricia Millet, Robert Wilkins and Cornelia Pillard. The fallout of the Reid’s and Obama’s Senate’s move has begun. Even IF the GOP “takes the Senate” in 2014, which seems like very long odds today, the Judge is seated. What’s the plan to undo that? Remember, the GOP has already said that IF they win they will undo the rule change. This is more damaging to the deals of republican (little “r” not the party) government than anything else that has happened to date.

Apparently the roadblock for a 2016 Rand Paul run at the White House is in his own home – his wife – who isn’t too keen on the “character assassination” that takes place in a campaign.

Things have reached the point where leftists now claim that G-d is n their side when it comes to Obamacare, and that He (G-d), “supports” the law. First off, I am willing to best that IF G-d wanted to let us know how He feels about a political issue, I’m pretty sure that He would not do it through Ed Shultz. Secondly, I don’t believe that G-d is a socialist either.

The Washington State Insurance Commissioner says that the Obamacare (he loves that name!) “fix” of the President “allowing” you to keep your plan, won’t work. Of course it won’t “work”. It was never intended to “work,” it was to allow the President to look like he was trying to do something about an easily foreseen consequence of his signature law. Instead of assuming any responsibility, the “fix” shifted the blame away from him. So I guess in the arena of PR it “worked” since some people are stupid enough to believe him.

Releasing only the data that supports your narrative is bad form. It’s also “Business as Usual” for the Administration. In this case, cherry picking data to show that the implementation of the Obamacare (he loves that name!) law is going great!

What a surprise, right? The President “promised” not to take donations from “foreign interests,” so they found a way around it so that he could and did.

Last month it came to light that the vaunted “Jerry Brown Memorial Water Tubes” need another $1.2 Billion… for planning.

For whatever reason,  would have thought that there were far more than a mere 45,000 millionaire households in California.

Occasionally I come across a story that just needs to be shared. There really isn’t much to say about it, other than to remind us of our place in things and how important each of our lives is and how much we need to have family and friends. Los Angeles County just buried the remains of more than 1400 people who were never claimed.


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