It’s Your Own Fault, Stockton

Okay, people of Stockton, I get it it. Your Mayor is charismatic, entertaining, handsome and full of crap. You love that about him, and while it provides hours of entertainment and conversational buffalo for me, it’s hardly the mark of competent leadership, which is what you actually need at this time. This is the same guy who promised not to take his salary, then did. Then promised to donate some of it to charity (his own), and didn’t. He is not a man given to keeping his word, and his actions in the recent City Manager debacle are clear demonstrations of absolute incompetence.

That’s fine, after all, you picked him and the other leaders of Stockton. And that is important to remember. Either through your indifference or your action, you chose the leaders who have brought you to this point. You failed to hold any of them accountable, and so what has happened to your wonderful City is in reality, your own fault.

Which is why showing up to boo the City Council as they admonish the Mayor for breaking a rule, is a little… well… stupid. You don’t need a Mayor who is more interested in hiring the right COLOR City Manager than in hiring the right MANAGER for City Manager. And when the truth came out on the guy the mayor was willing to break the rules to try and force the Council to hire for the job, it was quickly clear that the Mayor was 100% absolutely not-unexpectedly given his reputation and apparent qualities, wrong. And now you boo the Council for doing what the are required to do for both competent and proper government?

I almost get the feeling that the hundred people who showed up to complain about Mayor Silva’s “punishment” don’t see what has happened to Stockton as in any way their fault or problem. Almost as if it’s some sort of administrative issue that doesn’t effect them so why is the Council picking on the Mayor?

Well, like I said, whether you want to admit it or not, the issues in Stockton are the fault of every resident and voter who either did or did not show up to vote, who failed to hold leaders accountable for actions and for not getting involved before last night, after the Mayor broke the rules and tried to hire a walking harassment suit for the sole reason that he had the “right” skin color.”

This isn’t 1947. Managers and City Leaders should be selected on the basis of their abilities and on their character. If any other selection criteria is used, you get what has happened to you.

And it’s your own fault.

Princeton Division Sea Cadets

Princeton Division Sea Cadets

I had a wonderful time last night, first at the first public lighting of the Modesto Menorah. It was a very good event, and it was nice to meet listeners who came down to be a part of the lighting. Then I went to Turlock to speak to the Princeton Division of the Sea Cadets about (what else?) submarines! It was awesome to see young kids interested in the Navy and in learning about being good young people. Bravo Zulu to the the Commander and Guns for doing an amazing job on shoestring budget. Like the Chief said, it’s about the kids, that’s why they do it. And they are doing a fantastic job!

In case you missed it (and you did), Republican (cough, cough) Chris Christie has “emerged as the early favorite” which would be funny IF there was actually any chance that California would vote for Christie of Hillary Rodham in the first place. Which there isn’t.

The California GOP has finally grown a pair. Last August they announced that they would be launching their own “Obamacare” website to further annoy and piss off the Democrats. Now they (TLGLT) have started sending out mailers directing people to their fake website. Democrats and the LA Times are displeased.

Truth: The Detroit bankruptcy and the rulings yesterday have California Public Service Unions as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.


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