Be the Match

I wanted to share this story from the Kitsap Sun with you today, as we celebrate the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah, a season for miracles and joy.

I’m not going to tell you that Mike and I were the closest of friends on USS Michigan, because we weren’t. We worked in different departments and different watch schedules, but our paths were similar in that we arrived around the same time and went through our quals and experiences around the same period. And for the record, I had nothing to do whatsoever with this) After we left the Michigan, I got out, Mike stayed in the Navy.

There’s a lot of nonsense about the issues with Facebook, but for my part the biggest joy of it has been reconnecting with my shipmates from USS Michigan, tempered with learning of the sadness of life that has befallen many of us along the way. When I reconnected with Mike he was very ill, and frankly not expected to make it. Today, he is disease free and looking forward to returning to work.

Not that you asked, but here is the link to Be The Match, where you can sign up to be a potential donor and perhaps save a life. It’s easy and painless to register. 


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