Take Out Tipping?

Happy Thanksgiving Tuesday! Here is the recipe for the Maple Pumpkin Pie with Salted Pecan Brittle John was talking about yesterday. It looks fantastic.

In news announced this morning, the Supreme Court will hear the case of the religious objections to the contraceptive mandates contained in Obamacare (he loves that name!). Two things to note here, first off the Left’s response to the protest of the mandate is that the companies are all evil anyway and will simply cut benefits and push employees to the exchange, hence there is no actual “mandate” per se, and secondly, while it won’t effect this case, consider ny other challenge to ANY law and the nuclear option of last week…

The President gave his speech yesterday that was interrupted by the protestor asking the President to “do something” about immigration reform. I tend to agree with Beck that the event was staged, but I don’t share his belief that the Secret Service is being ordered to back off on the checks of the people in the stage audience behind the President. The event was clearly bad acting, no Presidential speech interruption is handled in that manner. In fact, can you think of a SINGLE such interruption of that nature where the audience cheers the protestor? Of course not. They are there to cheer for their guy, they normally boo protestors. This whole thing was an act to let the President tell the world that he is NOT the guy who ignores the laws and to put pressure on the Congress for more “reform.”

The Pope has weighed in on what he expects of his Church, and it sounds like he wants them to be a lot like him when it comes to service to the poor. Last week we had a brief Facebook discussion about churches that call for other people to take action to serve the poor (almost always the government and the rich), but do little themselves to serve. From my point of view, as a non-Roman Catholic, I am pleased with the Pope’s position and call for “dirty knees” in the service of those the church is called to serve.

Just because I love science (and particularly space science), here is the latest on the supernova seen in 1572 which sent out shockwave at what appears to be Mach 1000!

Here’s some good news! Since gas pries are “plummeting” to levels we haven’t seen in  while, the nuclear not-a-deal with Iran capped current Iranian exports of oil “at current levels.” So oil prices started edging up.

Provocation or freedom of navigation? US B-52’s flew over “disputed” islands in the South China Sea which the Communist Chinese had announced were now included in their “air defense one.”

Okay, I am confused (again). What is the rule for tipping on a take out order? We had take out from local place recently which I paid for with my card. When they gave me the bill, it included the line for “gratuity” which I left blank and entered the grand ToTaL at the bottom. You’d have thought I spit on the guy. So now I am wondering about tipping on take out orders? Is it normal? Required? How much if so? Drop me a line and let me know what you think…


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