They Threw A Party and Almost Nobody Showed Up

Thanksgiving is upon us, 2013 has gone by so incredibly fast. We have a short week, but no Monday Night Football tonight. We will have Detective Steve Stanfield with us today in studio!

Covered California spent tax money to rent the Sacramento Convention Center to hold public sign ups. Ten people signed up. There were three hundred “assisters” present to assist the 1500 people who showed up. I’m just guessing here, but the costs associated with the sign up of ten people could have been used to fund the subsidy for significantly more people under this plan. In any case, it’s clear that the costs to be spent to push this train wreck are not going to deter those who who are determined to inflict it fully upon the State.

The State Legislature has hit upon the idea that toy guns should be pastel colored. Which, on the surface of things might mean that there would be less confusion, but reality is – as it always is – much different. The next move will be to ban pastel colored paint in California.

I too wish that the State Government would not spend the “surplus” (it isn’t but they keep calling it that), frivolously. Like the Bee I would rather see common sense business principles, including paying down the debt, rule the day. Alas, that will not happen and this State will continue to plunge deeper in debt. While the argument is that States cannot “print money” and hence have to balance their books, the truth is a little more complex. The State cannot “print” money per se, but it can borrow money without proper regard for an future necessity to repay it.

Last week the Police went to a home were a large illegal marijuana grow was found. For some reason the neighbors objected to the arrests and searching and began to gather in a potentially hostile manner, causing at least one former City Council Candidate to post on his Facebook in support of the neighbors and blasting the Police. So the questions arise, did the Police “überreact?” Was there justification for the additional arrests? Doe sit seem like a perennial fringe candidate for City Office (who once demanded to be on the show, then showed up 30 minutes late and then wasn’t sure why he was there) calling the Police “Nazi’s” is likely to aid his inevitable future campaigns?

I am of two minds on the FIA requests to get the report on the Sandy Hook shooting. On the one hand, I feel like I know enough already to come to a rational understanding of the facts of what happened. On the other hand, the release of such information should (and I use that word advisedly) reduce the number of Aluminum Hats telling anybody that will listen to their yelling that the death of 26 people was a “false flag” operation designed to allow the Illuminati to rule the world. Such information could help reduce those, but in truth probably won’t. They will give rational folks information to use against those theories, much as the Dallas Police finally talking through the case against Lee Harvey Oswald helped clarify why they believed (rightfully) that he acted alone.

Oddly enough, Stockton is starting to realize that the passage of A/B might have unintended consequences. In this case, more cops on the streets (theoretically) means more arrests. And that means more jail overcrowding, which means more bad guys released, which means more crime. Or higher costs to build a new jail?

Water is always an issue in California, and the recent announcement of a 5% allotment has many people worried about the future of agriculture.


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