Facing the Future After the Nuclear Option

I was contemplating the disaster that was yesterdays nuclear option and the ultimate effects this move will have. Some ninety-three judicial seats are currently open I have no doubt that by the time Congress comes back from the Thanksgiving break the Senate will have roughly ninety-three judicial nominations on which to give advice and consent.

I found myself wondering what kind of Country will be left for Ben. Will he ever know the meaning of Liberty? Will he always live in a quasi-socialist soft dictatorship where government will decide what is good for him and how he will live and work and experience the world? Have I failed him in that I was not able to stop the slide away from liberty and freedom?

I was quite depressed.

But a thought occurred to me, that I have not considered before. In 1776, James Madison was 25 years old. Thomas Jefferson was 33 and George Washington was 44 years old. In other words, most of the men who founded the nation, let alone those who a mere eleven years later would create the Constitution were – with the exception of Dr. Benjamin Franklin –  quite young.

Who taught them their history and values and understanding of things?

Obviously, most of them were schooled and educated in the traditional schools of the time, but who were their mentors, their leaders, their elders? Parents I am sure, but who else?

Ben is going to need a good education. One that prepares him to face the very real truth that the fight for liberty in his time will be fierce. But he’ll need more than just schooling. He’ll need mentors, examples and even heroes. He’ll need men and women to look up to as standards of what it means to stand for liberty, even in the face of opposition.

I had hoped that I would secure a world and a nation for my children that allowed them to live in peace and comfort and liberty. I was not able to do that, and so it falls to me to prepare my son to understand why it is imperative that he fight.

Somebody taught and inspired Madison and Jefferson and Adams. Somebody pushed them to learn and to understand the concepts and principles of liberty.

I have to teach Ben those things and I have to find and surround him with people who also inspire him to relight the torch of Liberty.


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