Limiting Government

It’s hard to even know where to begin with the issues in Texas where TAX money is being spent on a “survey” to try and determine exactly how many people are driving under the influence. The Ft. Worth Police initially denied involvement, but then admitted that the NTSB had in fact used “off duty” (but presumably unformed?)  cops to direct drivers into the parking lot where they were searched and seized without a warrant or exigent circumstances. 

The obvious 4th Amendment issues should be clear. But beyond that let’s look at some of the other issues.

Yesterday I got lured into one of those “Facebook arguments” about why Conservatives “oppose taxes.” It’s a circular argument, because Conservatives don’t “oppose taxes,” but when I pointed that out, the argument morphed to “Well, you won’t let us raise taxes!” Pointing out that “raising taxes” does not equate to opposing taxes, didn’t really get anywhere. When people have their minds made up about what you think, they will stick to it regardless of facts or language.

In this case, the Government is spending $7.8 Million dollars to do what, exactly that (a) needs to be done and (b) is within the assigned and limited powers of the government and (c) is a more important use of that money seized from the people who could have sent it themselves, in Keynesian fashion, to stimulate the economy?

This program is a great example of the misuse of money seized – literally at the point of a gun – to fund activities that violate the Fundamental Rights of Americans AND provide cover for future violations. Consider this: I don’t even need to see the study to tell you what it will say, that DUI is far more prevalent than we know. And since something MUST be done about it – who could be against fighting DUI? – government MUST step in and do something. Limiting your choices, your freedoms, your liberties in an attempt to mitigate consequences of bad choices.

“Come on, Dave,” you may say.

Really? Isn’t this what the Affordable Care Act is doing on a macro scale? A government that needs to protect you from yourself will stop at nothing to control how you live. Including “protecting you” by forcing businesses to provide you with more information than you could ever use. In the military we called this tactic, “bury them with bulls****.” So overload a person with information ostensibly to enable them to make a choice that they end up just telling you to “do what you think best.” It works beautifully. Try it on your spouse or your kids sometime and you’ll see what I mean.

This is what Conservatism opposes. Not “taxes,” but the use of Government force (funded by excess taxes) to violate American rights. Not penumbra-ed, found under a comma or semi-colon of the 14th Amendment rights, but an actually enumerated in the Bill of Rights right.

This is why Government needs to be limited. This is why the government should have no more money than is necessary to fufil its basic Constitutional functions. This why we oppose tax increases. A government that can spend $1 violating the Bill of Rights has too much money already.


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