The View From On High

How many of you know how many landings/take offs the Modesto Airport handles annually?

I spent a few hours yesterday aboard a Pilatus PC-12 flying from Modesto to Van Nuys, back to Turlock (yes, Turlock) and then back to Modesto. Mostly it was a fun little Sunday trip for Cami and I, but I also DSCN2814wanted to take some time to learn about the Corporate Aviation Businesses and its economic impact – and potential impact – here in the area. What I learned was that we have a potential gold mine sitting on our airport. I also got to see the great Central Valley from the r, and was reminded once again of just how amazing a place in which we are privileged to live. We talk a lot about the vast farmland we have, but when you drive by it on a ground you don’t really get a feel for how vast it is. From 17,500 feet in the sky, you get to see just how much of our valley really is farm land.

And it reminded me once again how beautiful the State of California really is.

A special thanks to our pilot, Archer, the Montpelier Nut Company for allowing us to tag along, and to the folks at Sky Trek Aviation for making it a great day!

BTW, here is the video of our take off from Modesto…

DSCN2808One of the things I noticed was the rather meandering course of the Delta Canal making its way to the Grapevine. I found myself wondering why it moves the way it does. I presume that it’s two factors, land availability and local gravity, but if anybody knows for sure, drop me an eMail and let me know. Meanwhile the debate over the Delta Tunnels – otherwise known as the most expensive single public works project ever proposed – has finally reached the “logical question” stage, where people begin to realize that for the cost of what is being proposed we could accomplish at least a hundred other more useful things.

I am not really buying the argument that a mysterious clause granted a “six week paid family leave” into the BART Contract was a typo. The $44 Million “error” has already sent the Contract back to the table and could end up with another strike.

It was only a matter of time before the little boy who survived the Lodi car crash became a focal point of the immigration debate. Most news reports have ignored or intentionally not reported the status of the family killed. In my own way, I agree. Basically as long as we continue to allow people to go DUI as many times as they want – as long as they don’t kill anybody – we (corporately) are culpable. Make the kid citizen and punish the hell out of the criminal who murdered his family – in fact, charge him with 1st Degree murder, because that is what he did – he knowingly got behind the wheel of a car after drinking. There is nobody who doesn’t know that is going to kill somebody eventually.

The Holiday season is upon us, so let the traditional bickering commence. The City is snotty because they “don’t know” what Dickens Faire organizers are spending the $800-$1000 the City contributes to the event. It might be spent on portable toilets, but maybe not. I have a better question, can we get a better accounting of the MILLIONS of dollars the city s spending on idiotic affordable housing land purchases?

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