Conversational Buffalo Meat

I don’t know about your day, but mine is insanely busy today. Ben has a Doctors appointment, the car has to get some maintenance and we are out of milk. I have an American Legion meeting tonight right after the show and I still have to do that whole “Show Prep” thing… So while I am out and about trying to get things lined up, here is some conversational buffalo to chew on for an appetizer…

The State of California keeps passing idiotic, overreaching and ineffective gun control laws. And it keeps wasting tax payer money defending these indefensible laws in Court, where the State keeps losing. In this case over a law requiring ammunition buyers to provide a thumbprint, photo id and other information. The Appeals Court upheld a lower court issue of a permanent injunction against the 2009 law. However, you’ll be happy to know, State Senator Kevin DeLeon (D-LA) has said that he will introduce even broader legislation next session. The fight never ends.

The Measure X Scorched Earth retaliation continues, as officials now blame the failure of Measure X for not pursuing a grant to hire Officers for schools. Instead of taking nay responsibility for a poorly conceived, badly executed and losing campaign, the City has decided to punish the citizens rather than come up with a workable plan that might actually solve the issues. Typical government – give us more money… or else…

What does it say about our Congress when a GOP Congressman will go all the way to Europe to tout his bill to reign in the NSA in a speech in front of the European Legislature? I realize that he has introduced the bill and probably even made some speeches about it, but really, shouldn’t Congressman Sensenbrenner be fighting for his bill over here? Meanwhile UK spies are pretty pissed about the way we handle security, so they want more control over the data that they share with the US agencies.

Don’t misunderstand me here, but with the sequester cuts the Military has been stretched to the limit and beyond. Yet the Pentagon has ordered to provide a massive humanitarian response to the Philippines. I’m okay with the response, but the Congress should take note and restore funding to provide for the operational tempo step up.

The problems with Obamacare’s (he loves that name) primary service point, the web site, continue to mount. Now we find out that somehow or another the Chief Information Officer for the CMS says he was cut out of the loop on the lack of security for the web site. That’s right, the Chief Information Officer wasn’t CC’d on the memo detailing the security flaws. The real question is, why do we need a CIO? Even if you do manage to get in and sign up, there is no guarantee that the information you got is anywhere near correct, as 8,000 people in Washington State are finding out.

The bankruptcy procedures in Stockton aren’t going as smoothly as hoped. At least one creditor is asking the Judge to spell out “the fine print,” in some of the agreements, claiming that it isn’t plain and simple.

In you’re a personal trainer in Lodi and you charge your clients to visit you in the public parks, you’re going to have to buy a permit. 


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