Day 312 of the Year Twenty & 13

On this day…

In 1745 Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charles) invades England

In 1861 The Trent Affair nearly draws the North into war against England when the British ship Trent is stopped and two Confederate emissaries are removed by the USS San Jacinto. “One war at a time,” is President Lincoln’s response as he releases the two diplomats

In 1889 Montana is admitted to the Union as the 41st State

In 1895 X-Rays are discovered

In 1898 the Wilmington Insurrection is the only attempted coup d’etat in the history of the United States

In 1901 Greece erupts with riots after the Gospels are translated into demotic Greek. People hate change.

In 1942 Allied forces land in North Africa during Operation Torch

In 1960 John F. Kennedy is elected President, defeating incumbent Vice-President Richard Nixon, who we will not have to kick around anymore.

In 1966 President Johnson signs into law the NFL’s anti-trust exemption, allowing the merger of the NFL and the AFL into a single league. It is a sad day.

In 2002 the United Nations approves a resolution directing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face “serious consequences.” This actually happened, although if you ask most Democrats, including John Kerry, they will have trouble remembering it.

In 2011 an Asteroid passes 0.85 lunar distances from Earth. Most of us are blissfully unaware of the close brush with extinction.

Born this day: Milton Bradley (1831); Bram Stoker (1847); Margaret Mitchell (1900); Bonnie Raitt (1949); Leif Garret (1961)


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